Paving accessories are products that can be installed alongside paving. You may want to consider some of the most popular paving accessories that you can have installed to compliment your paving. These products can also make your paving look simply stunning.

Paving Accessories Available for Driveways and Patio Paving

We take a look at some popular and practical paving products that can be used when installing a driveway or patio.

Recessed Manhole Covers

manhole covers are the most commonly used paving accessoriesRecessed manhole covers carry the paving inside the lid of the cover. These allow you to hide you drain cover.

They are able to carry inside the lid almost any material. This could be paving slabs, block paving, turf, loose decorative chippings. All fit comfortably inside. You can also buy shallow recessed drain covers for tarmac and tiles.

Have a look at some of the many different manhole covers here

Driveway Lights & lights to illuminate steps & patios

With good design and great colours, paving on a patio or driveway can look stunning during the day. Buy with the use of lighting you can also make your paving look great at nighttime too.You can choose a wide variety of lighting either built in as we have here or lighting that illuminates from above. There is a wide choice available from lights for steps, paths, fencing and landscaped gardens. Used correctly, lighting can transform a dark area in a garden, patio or landscape into a visual nighttime display whilst giving you added security feature too.

If you decide to have driveway lights fit to your patio or driveway then its a good idea to plan them into your paving design before any paving work begins.

You should think about where you want to position the lights in relation to the shape and pattern of the paving.

You could have an electricity supply fitted to the outdoor lights from the mains electricity. But there are some superb solar lights available to buy today. They are very easy to install into ot above your paving.

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Security Posts

Driveway security posts fitted to block pavingProtect your car or caravan whilst it is parked on your driveway with a driveway security post.

There are many designs and manufactures of security posts all carrying different price tags. The range of driveway posts is extensive. You can buy and install the cheaply priced and simple manually lift-up or fold-down security post. Or for the more complex electronic versions of security posts that are operated via remote control that can be fit to a car. There are many types of driveway security posts available to buy to suit most budgets.

Find more information here on the different types of driveway security posts.

 Driveway and Garage Intruder Alarms

If you want to be alerted when somebody enters your driveway you could have a driveway alarm fitted.

The driveway security alarms are wireless and easy to fit. They can be fitted to garden sheds, greenhouses, summer houses, outbuildings and garages. In fact they can give you great security and peace of mind in any outdoor area.

The security alarm is battery operated so no need for electricity cables.

The driveway alarms are weatherproof and have a wireless sensor and transmission. They work via wireless technology at long ranges of between 60-90 meters.

Buy a driveway security alarm here

Other Paving Accessories

Other product accessories for driveways could include fitting of electric gates or even heated driveway mats to stop your driveway freezing and becoming slippery during winter. The heated driveway mats work by warming your paving slightly above freezing then the frost and snow melts.

Some paving accessories may benefit from being laid or installed before or during the paving installation. This way there is no further disruption work required to your driveway. You should have no need to take up any of the newly laid paving if you plan ahead.

Some examples would be if you wanted driveway lighting fitted into your paving, you would need outdoor electricity cables fitting under the paving. Or telescopic security posts that need fitting deep into the ground with concrete to give maximum security.

You can still have the paving accessories installed after your new paving has been laid. A good paving contractor or even the contractor you hired to install the paving in the first place, should be able to reinstate the paving if required.

If you know any paving accessories that you would like to recommend let us know below.