Block Paving

Rectangular concrete block paving

Block paving is the name given to paving bricks that are used for creating a hard solid surface once laid.

Block paving is laid without the use of cement or concrete. They work by locking together with the help of kiln dried sand.

Many manufactures of paving bricks have their own patented designs with many different colours, surface textures and shapes available to buy. So you should never be stuck for choice.

Regular block paving

Most widely used block paving brick. It’s simple design is tough and full of vibrant colours.  The 100mm x 200mm size of paving block is the most widely used and manufactured concrete block paving laid on driveways and patios in the UK.

The rectangular shaped paver

Availability – Clay or concrete. Widely available throughout the world in many colours. Most manufactures of concrete block pavers will make this size and design of block paving. You can go to almost any Diy store or builders yard and chances are they will stock at least one concrete version of this popular paving product.

Thickness – 40mm – 120mm. Commonly a 50-60mm sized paver is chosen for domestic driveways and patios with an 80mm size being used for commercial landscaping and highway work where vehicular traffic is more intense with vehicles carrying a heavier payload.

Dimensions – 200mm long with a width of 100mm wide. The simple yet effective size of these pavers allows the paving contractor to quickly lay this type of brick and it’s quite simple to add patterns to the paving design. Diamonds and contrasting borders laid in a different colour of paving help make this a very popular and versatile choice for block paving

Colour choices – Red, buff (pale yellow), charcoal, marigold (although not always available), Brindle (mix of red and charcoal), burnt orca (mix of charcoal and buff colors in varying degrees of colour mixes). There are many other, less popular colour choices of block paving such as brown or grey (natural concrete colour). You can view a chart of block paving colours here

Price – The rectangular concrete 50mm x 100 x 200mm block paver is usually the most cost-effective pavior on the market for driveway, patio and pathway installations in the Uk. The pavers are mass-produced by many of the leading manufactures of paving blocks so costs to buy this kind of  product are very reasonable per square meter compared to other hard surface paving products.

We have a great selection of block paving available to buy from Wickes with click & collect. The block pavers come in a range of colours that will suit any design or style you require to give you a stunning look to your home.

Cobble effect paving

Cobble effect block pavingOld cobble effect block paving that add a very distinct and stunning effect to any driveway or patio.

Available in 3 different sizes and a range of colours.

Typically made from concrete.

We are going to concentrate on the two most widely used shapes of paving bricks that are laid in the UK.

The two types of block paving we are looking at come in a variety of thicknesses and colours to suit any design you may have in mind for your project and have the best prices to buy block paving.


The cobble effect paver

You can create stunning looks with cobble style block paving around any home. Often, but not always, the pavers, are rumbled, stressed or tumbled in a mixer/revolving machine so that the edges of the paving become chipped and irregular. Giving a worn and random look to each pavior allowing for each paver to gain its own uniqueness without taking anything away from the structural strength of the paving.

 Availability – Not as widely available as the rectangular shaped paver that we see above but many larger building supplies will have stock of this kind

Thickness – 40mm – 120mm. Uses as above with rectangular paving in that 40 – 60mm used for domestic installations such as driveways and garden projects and 80 – 100mm used in commercial applications that have heavier traffic use with commercial vehicles.

Dimensions – Typically the cobble effect style of paving come in 3 sizes. When laying the paving bricks you should use a combination of the 3 sizes to give a random look of old cobbles. The three sizes available are – small – 100 x 134mm, medium – 134 x 134 mm and large at 200 x 134 mm

Colour choices – Most of the cobble effect type concrete paving that we see on the market today are of mixed or blended colours. This helps to give a very effective and realistic look to the bricks.  Single coloured paving is available but is not as widely available as the blended colours.

Price – The most expensive of the two kinds of block paving.

 Manufactures of block paving in the UK

There are many manufactures of block paving in the Uk with some companies only selling their paving on a local level so some people in one part of the country may not be aware of a makers product.

There are quite a few manufactures of paving blocks that do have a national reach and can be found in most builders yards or large DIY stores.

Below we have listed a few of some of the many manufactures of block paving in the UK.

Marshalls, Bradstone Block Paving, Plaspave, Brett, Tobermore, Lakeland, and Eatons.

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