Building Materials

Buy a range of building materials at very low pricesThe are many different kinds of building materials available to buy from builders yards and DIY stores, but we are going to show you some of the best used building materials that are used with paving a driveway or patio.

These include building sand. Kiln dried sand for the joints of block paving. Cement for use in laying edging stones and concrete. Loose stone aggregates such as Mot 1 for the construction of sub-bases. Drainage channels and manhole covers.

We take a look at how and which building materials can be used in the construction of a driveway or patio around your home. If you are looking to buy building material why not have a look at our paving shop for some great offers and discounts on all building materials sold in our shop

Kiln Dried Sand

Used for filling in the joints between block pavers. Kiln dried sand is applied between the joints to lock the individual paving blocks together. Must be applied when the block paving is dry so the kiln dried sand sinks to the bottom of the blocks. Sometimes known as silica sand. More information.

Building Sand

One of the most widely used building materials. There are many variations in building sand throughout the UK. Most building sand is sourced and quarried locally so there are slight variations in colour of the sand and how fine the building sand is. If you live in the north of the UK the sand tends to be red or orange in colour with the south of the UK being yellower. Building sand uses finer aggregates than sharp or grit sand. Building sand is usually for making cement and renders because it is finer giving a more dense finish to the cement mix.

Grit Sand (sharp sand)

The main uses for grit sand in constructing a driveway is for laying the paving blocks or slabs onto. Grit sand is coarser than building sand. Grit sand drains better and does not hold as much water as building sand because the sand does not contain as many fine particles as building sand does. Often you will hear that the sand is called ‘washed sharp sand’. This is because the sand it often washed with water to remove the finer particles to leave a coarse, gritty finish to the sand. You can buy grit sand with free delivery from our paving shop.


Cement is the binder that joins materials such as building sand together. If you want to make renders, concrete, screed or building mortar for pointing you will need to add cement to sand or crushed stone to make it set hard. Without cement your mix will not set hard. There are many manufactures of cement in the UK such as Blue Circle, Hanson, Castle, Cemex, Portland and Lafarge.

Crushed Stone (hardcore, mot 1, crush and run stone)

The most important used building materials to be used when constructing a patio or driveway. Crushed stone gives a firm foundation upon which to lay any paving. There are many types and grades of crushed stone with many kinds of stone used to make a crushed stone mix. It all depends what the stone is to be used for. The most popular stone that is used is Limestone  and Granite. Although many companies are now making crushed stone from recycled materials such as old concrete, bricks and macadam. There are many uses for crushed stone when constructing a driveway or patio. These could be to make concrete, to create a firm foundation in which to lay the driveway surface onto or to even create a finished stone driveway.

If you are carrying out official highway work such as laying pavements or constructing roads then the crushed stone must be classified as MOT type 1.