We have many helpful guides that can show you how to clean paving & keep your paving clean and weed free for longer. Read about our recommended cleaning methods with tips that professional contractors will use. It’s worth reading our guides because there are more ways than one you can use use when it comes to keeping your paving clean. We also look at when is the best time to clean your paving & how often you should clean.

These guides are great for cleaning paving slabs, block paving or concrete and PIC. One of our popular cleaning articles is how to clean paving with a pressure washer which can be used clean either patio or driveways.

Learn how to clean paving

Use the best products and methods you can to help you clean paving the easy way! Do you know what are the best paving cleaners to use? Or what are the best pressure washers to buy to clean your paving?

To help you decide please read our reviews of some of the best-selling products. They make cleaning your paving easier.

Below we have many articles that you can read showing you how to clean paving the easy way