Do you want to learn how to lay paving? Or do want to know which is the easiest method when laying any kind of paving?

We have many guides and methods you can read to show you the best ways to lay paving. Read our easy-to-follow guides so you can learn how to quickly lay a couple of slabs for a bin or plant pot to sit. Or take on bigger jobs & learn how to lay stepping stones on gravel or in a garden lawn.

Easy to follow guides on how to lay paving

Other ways you can benefit from learning how to lay paving could be if you want to repair sunken block paving. We have guides on lifting and relaying block paving. This at first this might sound like a simple task that you can do yourself without the need to call a contractor. And you would be right, it can be simple to relay paving as long as you follow the correct method.

Below we have many helpful articles you can read showing you how to lay paving.