Colours of block paving

Look at the many different colours of block paving you can choose to buyDo you want to look at all the available colours of block paving?  Did you know there is a wide choice of block paving colours available to buy for paving a driveway or patio. 

Take a look below for the full range of available colours of paving.

You should consider matching and contrasting your block paving with things like house bricks, fencing etc.  Great designs and stunning looks can be created especially if using different colours of paving blocks.

Mix and match your colours for definition and impact

Using different colours are great for shapes like diamonds incorporated into the design of the paving. To add definition to the paved design try using contrasting types of paving. Incorporate these into borders when deciding the laying pattern.

What choice of colour do you have for block paving?

There are many different colours you can decide to buy when it comes to paving blocks. But the colours you can choose for your block paving fall in to two distinct categories. The two categories are – Pavers that are made with one colour and those that use a mixture of colours.

When buying paving remember that there will be a variations in different manufactures products. Some will be vibrant whilst others will be quite flat. If you are unsure, why not have a look at the paving manufactures page to help you choose. You can look through their online paving brochures to help you choose the best block paving for you.

Mixed colour block paving


Autumn mixed colour of paving. Subtle mix of reds and buff colours of block paving

A combination of Buff, Red and Brown. The Idea of using these colours for block pavers comes from the shades autumn leaves. Widely used colour in the more expensive make of paving bricks.

Similar to brindle in how the concrete is blended but contains no charcoal or black dye in the colour combination.


Brindle is one of the most popular colors of block paving

A combination of red and charcoal blended colours create what is by far the most commonly used colour mix in block paving in the UK today.

Brindle is usually the cheapest of the block paving prices because it is mass-produced. Most builders yards stock brindle block paving. Charcoal and red coloured pavers make great contrasting borders for driveways or patios as they match well with the red and charcoal of the brindle colour.

Block paving that is brindle hides oil spots easier. Dirt and grime does not show up as much as it does with single, light coloured paving blocks such as red, grey and buff.


Heather mixed colour of block paving

Heather block paving is a mixture of browns, Charcoal, Red, Buff. Sometimes heather coloured block paving can look almost purple in colour.

Not the most popular choice of paving blocks and building yards do not normally stock this colour of blocks.

Burnt Oker

Burnt oker is made from mixed colours. One of the most beautiful colours of block paving

Burnt Oker is a combination of charcoal and Brown pigments. A really great driveway block paving colour that combines two colours. The effects achieved are very similar in look to that of brindle block paving but instead of using a red dye in the manufacturing process a buff or brown dye is used instead in the manufacturing process.

Paved borders of buff or charcoal really bring out the colours of the mixed light to dark brown  shades of each individual burnt oker paving blocks. Burnt Oker coloured paving are a great colour choice to hide oil spots, tyre marks and dirt.

One colour block paving


Buff colours of block paving that are ideal for patterns and driveway borders.

Buff is almost yellow in colour that can vary considerably between mixing batches. This color of regular block paving is great for using in driveway border perimeters and diamond shapes in the driveway patterns of the block paving.

Buff paving looks bright and can be used to great effect to highlight a feature of a driveway. Buff coloured paving is sometimes known as marigold, sunset or gold.

Buff coloured paving blocks have a tendency to highlight oil stains, tyre marks and dirt more than mixed coloured bricks would do. Although these can easily be cleaned with a good cleaner


Charcoal block paving ideal for driveways to add border definition or large areasCharcoal pavers are black in colour to give a charcoal effect. Black or charcoal colours of block paving can vary considerably in shade between batches. Some of the charcoal paving can be very dark, almost black and some batches are almost grey in colour.

It is always best to mix the colours of charcoal to ensure an even mix of colours if they have been bought from different suppliers or at different times of the year.


Grey block paving colourGrey paving blocks are pure concrete colour sometimes with a shade of grey. Used mainly in commercial block paving because of its cost.

Grey block paving is usually the cheapest block paving to buy but can often be quite difficult to source because of the lack of demand. Grey/natural coloured pavers are an uncommon colour choice when used for private driveways.

Today when there are so many other, shall we say, more cheerful colours available to block pave your driveway or patio with why would you choose grey?


Red is one of the many colours of block paving Red is a great colour for paving blocks, that’s if you like red. Sometimes the colours can look almost pink. Red paving blocks are widely used in driveway and patio  borders and for adding designs such as diamonds to paving. Similar names for red include Salmon & Pink.

Red colours of block paving are not often used for large stretches of driveways. This is because red coloured block paving easily shows dirt and grime with oil spots standing out.

How to choose your colours of block paving

 If you are going to buy block paving for your driveway or patio then you will want to make sure you choose the right colours of block paving that you like the look of when it is laid.
When you want to choose the color of your paving blocks consider practical points like maintaining you paving afterwards. This is because the some single colours of block paving like red and buff will show dirt and marks more than mixed color paving. Whereas mixed blends like brindle, similar to a busy carpet, won’t show dirt as much as would a single coloured paver.

Many suppliers of block paving have stocks of different colours in most brands, such as Marshalls, Bradstone, Stoneflair and Brett. Although there is variation in shades and blends. Most manufactures of block paving use the same colours and mixes for each type of paving. So if you buy Marshalls brindle block paving it will look very similar in colour to Plaspave brindle paving. Although, not completely the same.

We would not recommend using different brands of block paving. Try to stick to using the same manufactures type of paving for the whole project.

When considering a colour of paving think about what kind of border you could choose. An alternative colour of brick all around the perimeter border will highlight the whole driveway or patio. A slim border, in Buff, Charcoal or Red will make the paved area look larger, where as a wide border in a combination of colours will make the driveway or patio look smaller.

Nearly all colours are available in block paving whatever manufacturer you choose

If you would like to purchase any of the above styles of block paving you can usually find that nearly all manufactures of concrete pavers will have a similar range of colours.

You can look at brochures provided by your local paving stockist’s such as DIY centers and builders yards to get an idea of how colours will look. Each manufacturer will have slight variations in brands of paving, especially the blended ones such as brindle.

If you would like to view a range of block paving manufacturers online brochures to help you choose the colors of paving available you can find a selection of them on our paving manufacturers page.

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