Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews

Read our pressure washer reviews with Amazon scoresRead our petrol pressure washer reviews to help you choose the best product for cleaning your paving. All sold with the biggest discounts at the best available prices to buy.

We have hand-picked the most popular and reliable machines that are great for cleaning cars, caravans, walls, driveway & patios.

Best-Selling Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews

We have the best-selling petrol pressure washers from some of the UK’s leading brands for sale. They are ideal for cleaning paving around the home or for professional cleaning contractors who want to get the best deal when buying online.

Evolution Petrol Power Washers

Evolution petrol pressure washers for cleaning pavingOne of the best value-for-money petrol pressure washers you can buy is the Evolution Evo-System pressure washer.

It’s available to buy from Amazon and is one of our top recommended products.

The evolution Evo-System pressure washer has over 125 reviews and scores 4 stars on Amazon

Price: £136.97
Was: £149.99
For anybody who wants a simple to use, easily stored and transported petrol pressure washer this is it. This is a robust and popular cleaner that is sold at a very affordable price. The Evolution this is one of our top-selling cleaning machines for under £150.00.

It has a long 6 meter hose so you don’t have to keep moving the pressure washer and produces 175 bar of pressure. It has been made with a strong square frame around the engine to keep the engine safe and stable. The Evolution Evo-System 3200 and has a built-in detergent container and adjustable lance for a variety of spraying angles. Which makes it great for any cleaning job around the home or at work.

The Evolution pressure washer is sold with a full 2 year warranty. Evolution also manufacture a great electric stone saw. If you would like to view more pressure washers with reviews that are sold by Evolution at discounted prices please have a look here for the full range.

Hyundai Petrol Pressure Washers

The Hyundai HYW2400P is a very reasonably priced petrol pressure washerThe number one selling petrol pressure washer sold by Hyundai on Amazon is the Hyundai HYW2400P 6 HP 169 bar, 2465 psi petrol powered pressure washer. 

Great cleaning power at a great price.

The Hyundai  6HP HYW2400P pressure washer has received over 9 reviews and scores 4.4 on Amazon

You will be familiar with Hyundai for making excellent cars so you can expect the same sort of quality with this petrol powered pressure washer from Hyundai. This model is sold at a very good price. It has all the features you would expect for cleaning the toughest jobs around the home. Ideal for cleaning paving, decking, cars and much more. It has a built-in soap dispenser and is sold with 4 different cleaning nozzles. This machine also gives you a Honda 6 HP engine, 169 bar and 2465 psi of pressure.

You get a 1 years guarantee when you buy the Hyundai HYW2400P pressure washer

Hyundai petrol pressure washers range in price from just over £300.00 to well over £2,000 for portable hot water pressure washers for industrial use. If you would like to look at the other models of Hyundai petrol cleaners please look here

PowerPlus Petrol Pressure Washer

Powerplus manufacture a petrol version of their popular pressure washer rangeWe have included the Powerplus petrol power pressure washer because we think this is an excellent product that represents great value-for-money. It has a 4 stroke engine and is fitted with strong all-terrain wheels.

The PowerPlus petrol pressure washer has over 25 reviews and scores a well-respected 4.6 stars on Amazon.

Powerplus manufacture a large range of pressure washers and are well-known for their electric models of cleaners. The petrol powered model (POWXG9008) is the Eco-drive, 4 stroke version. It comes with 206 Bar and a big 3060 psi. Which gives it plenty of blasting power for cleaning even the dirtiest of paving. The engine is an 180cc Eco-drive which has low fuel consumption. This provides plenty of power to the lance via the long 7.5 meter pressure hose. It has an inbuilt hose storage and in-built detergent tank. The frame has two robust & strong wheels attached making it easily to move around the area to be cleaned.

The PowerPlus POWXG9008 petrol pressure washer is sold with a full 3 year manufacturers warranty

If you would like to look at the full range of tools that PowerPlus sell please have a look here

Wolf Petrol Pressure Washers

Wolf have a good range of petrol pressure washers for saleThe number one selling petrol pressure washer sold by Wolf on Amazon si the Wolf 6.5 HP Petrol powered Pressure Washer

We have included this Wolf petrol powered pressure washer in our reviews because this is a great value-for-money pressure washer. You get high power cleaning with this pressure washer from Wolf

The Wolf 6.5 HP petrol washer has received over 175 reviews and scores 4.3 stars on Amazon

Wolf manufacture a large range of petrol and electric pressure washers that can be used for cleaning paving. The model we have reviewed here is the 6.5 HP, 3000 psi, 200 bar petrol powered pressure washer. This is  a very reasonable priced petrol pressure washer that can be bought for under £300.00. We recommend this petrol washer as a very good purchase.

If you want to see the full range of petrol & electric-powered pressure washers made by Wolf then please visit here

Kiam Petrol Pressure Washers

Kiam manufacture a range of petrol pressure washer models for cleaning pavingWe have included the Kiam petrol washer package because it represents fantastic value-for-money.

This is for anybody looking to start a business cleaning driveways or patios paving full or part-time.

The Kiam cleaning package for cleaning paving includes the Kiam Warrior 3700P pressure washer. The KV80-3 triple motor wet & dry vacuum cleaner. The SurfacePro 21-inch rotary paving cleaner. 2 x 10m high pressure hose extension that give you exceptional reach when cleaning. The lance is fitted with an expensive turbo nozzle and you also receive a 1000 ltr water container for transporting your own water supply.

The machine has a metal framed, 389cc engine and provides a powerful 3700 PSI  at 255 bar. Which is enough power to clean the dirtiest paving in very quick time. Which makes the equipment in this package the perfect setup for any commercial paving cleaning contractor.

Kiam manufacture and offer many other packages of equipment. These include carpet cleaners, drainage cleaners & the range of wheeled, rotary head pressure washers. You can also buy their pressure washers, petrol or diesel, without added on equipment. Their cleaning equipment has a price range of between just under £300.00 to over £2,000.

If you would like to look at the full range of British made Kiam pressure washers and accessories please have a look here

Some of the other petrol pressure washers that deserve a mention

As always with review sites, there are too many products to review in one page. So we have listed some of the “best of the rest” petrol powered pressure washers below. Because they do not have a full review above doesn’t mean that they are not worthy of  a review. Far from it. There just is not enough space to write on here on our website.

If you want to read about the pressure washing products they sell please have a look at them below.

  • P1PE. Large range of pressure washers available. Made in UK. Priced from £200 to over £1,000
  • Briggs & Stratton. Elite range of petrol pressure washers. Great washers for cleaning paving.
  • Draper. Well built and reasonably priced. Plenty of accessories available to buy.
  • Karcher. Well know for their electric washers but have only a couple of petrol powered pressure washers.


Advantages of buying a petrol pressure washer over buying an electric washer

One of the most asked questions we get is “what type of pressure washer should I buy, electric or petrol”?

Both petrol and electric have their advantages & disadvantages over each other. So it depends what you are looking for in a pressure washer. Buying a petrol pressure washer will give you some significant advantages over buying an electric pressure washer.

The number one advantage is power. With most models of petrol engines you get far more PSI & bar pressure from a petrol machine that an electric version gives you. This gives them superior cleaning power and cleaning in a quicker time. This is a great benefit if you are cleaning commercially and time is a factor. They are powered by petrol so no electricity cables are needed. This enables them to be used almost anywhere.

If you are looking for pure cleaning power and mobility, then a petrol powered machine wins nearly every time. But If you are looking for the quietest cleaner then you should opt to buy an electric pressure washer, although the cleaning power will be vastly reduced.

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