Resiblock Paving Sealer Reviews

Resiblock paving sealer are one of the worlds best known brands when it comes to protecting concrete and stone paving from oil, weeds and sand loss. Resiblock don’t make the  cheapest type of paving sealant but they certainly make some of the best. They are owned by Sika so you know you are in safe hands. Find them for sale below at the best prices with big discounts.

Resiblock paving sealer. Many different kinds of sealers you can buy for sealing all kinds of paving

Resiblock Paving Sealer Reviews

Read our Resiblock paving sealer reviews to help you choose the best-selling product that is sold by Resiblock for sealing your paving. With their large range of sealers you can find many different types of sealers ranging from water based to high-grade solvent based polyurethane block paving sealer. There is also a range of sealants & impregnators for protecting concrete & stone paving slabs. We are confident you can find the correct sealer for your type paving. We have included Resiblock’s best-selling sealers all at big discounts on the price to buy.

All the Resiblock paving sealer we have for sale below will all protect against joint sand loss, moss & weeds, oil stains, tyre marks, UV light fading of the paving colours as well as enhancing the colours of your paving.

The sealers we are going to review are –

  • Block paving sealer
  • Stone Sealer. Colour enhancer & invisible impregnating stone sealer
  • Water based sealer. Eco-friendly sealers
  • Resimac sealer. Tarmac & Asphalt colour restorer

Resiblock Block Paving Sealer – 25 Litres

Resiblocks flagship brand of block paving sealer is called Superior. It is available to buy in both natural matt and high gloss finish once dry.

Resiblock Superior is one of the most popular & oldest brands of block paving sealer you will find on the market. It is sold in many countries around the world and has been for many years. It is a very popular sealer for using in areas where a professional seal is required such as protecting petrol station forecourts & block paving that has been laid in coastal ports and ferry terminals.

The Resiblock Superior brand of matt & gloss paving sealer carries a 5 year guarantee against oil stains when used to seal block paving. The Matt version of this sealer can also be used to seal clay block paving.

Resiblock Superior block paving sealer has 39 reviews and scores an excellent 4.2 on Amazon

Our discounted price to buy 5 x 5 litres of Resiblock Superior Matt for – £193.00 Free Delivery

The gloss version of Resiblock Superior is available to buy here

This is a high-grade paving polyurethane sealer that provides a very tough and hard-wearing protective film on the surface of your concrete paving and also sticks and sets the joint sand hard. Resiblock Superior is a solvent-based block paving sealer so you should wear a mask when applying to prevent you from breathing harmful fumes.

You can apply with a brush, roller or sprayer. If you want to apply the sealer with a garden sprayer please make sure you use a viton equipped spraying unit because this sealer contains solvents which will dissolve normal plastic and rubber seals.

If your serious about protecting your block paving against dirt, moss, weed and sand loss and don’t mind paying that bit extra you will not go far wrong applying Resiblock Superior to you paving blocks.

Resiblock Superior is our top recommended sealer for concrete block paving. Use Matt for clay block paving

Resiblock Stone Sealer & Colour Enhancer – 5 litres

Resiblock’s stone sealer is made to seal and protects Indian stone paving and all natural stone slabs against stains and dirt. It also enhances the colour of your stone paving slabs.

Indian sandstone sealer is a one coat application that will protect the surface of your stone slabs for up to 5 years. You get between 4 to 6 square meters of coverage per litre of sealer. So this 5 litre tin of Resiblock stone sealer will seal up to 30 square meters of paving on a patio or driveway. This sealer contains solvents. So please use a viton equipped sprayer if applying by spraying unit. Can also be applied by brush & roller.

Resiblock Indian sandstone sealer has 31 reviews with a score of 4.3 on Amazon

Our discounted price to buy 5 litres of Resiblock stone sealer – £84.50 Free Delivery

Resiblock stone sealer can be used to seal stone paving slabs onlyOnce applied the stone paving slabs will look slightly shiny. The colours of the slabs will become more visible & vibrant. Similar to how they look when they are wet.

If you don’t want your stone slabs to look like they have been sealed or the colour enhancing but would still like the surface to be sealed and protected then please choose the invisible version show below.

This is a solvent based stone sealer so wearing a mask when applying the sealer is recommended

Resiblock Invisible Impregnating Stone Sealer – 5 litres

This stone sealer from Resiblock is very similar to the stone sealer sold above but this one is invisible. They are known as impregnating sealers. They do not show on the surface once they are dry.

Once applied to the surface of you stone paving slabs you will not know that the surface has been sealed. Only when it rains, or the surface gets wet will you know the surface is protected. This is because water and other contaminates will simply run off the surface without being absorbed into the stone. You get 4-6 square meters of protection for your stone and like above, the sealant will last for up to 5 years after application. This sealer can be applied with a brush and roller but please use a viton equipped sprayer if applying with a sprayer.

Resiblock invisible impregnating stone sealer has 10 reviews with an excellent score of 4.7

Our discounted price to buy 5 litres of invisible Resiblock paving sealer – £73.50

Resiblock stone sealer can be used to seal stone paving slabsThe impregnating stone sealer will protect against green algae, stains and make cleaning the surface of your stone paving easier.

You will not get any real change in the appearance of your stone once the Resiblock invisible sealant has been applied. Buy you will get all the protection.

This is a solvent based sealant. It is always recommended you wear a breathing mask when applying.

Resiblock Trade Water Based Sealer – 5 Litres

This is a Resiblock trade paving sealer that is mixed with water not solvent so is Eco-friendly. This is great paving sealer that is sold at a very reasonable price.

There are no solvents in this sealer so is safe for using indoors to seal kitchen floor paving slabs and tiles as well as almost any kind of paving that is laid outdoors.

If you want to safely seal your paving without the worry of using solvents then this is a great product to use. It is a multi surface paving sealer than can be applied to almost any kind of paving surface. This includes being able to seal concrete and clay block paving. Natural stone and concrete paving slabs.

Resiblock Trade water based sealer has 4 reviews and scores 4.5 on Amazon

Our discounted price to buy Resiblock Trade water based sealer – £29.45

Resiblock paving sealer is available as a water based sealer for sealing almost any paving typeIf you have different kinds of paving on your patio or driveway that you want to seal then this Resiblock trade paving sealer is the one to use. It has a coverage rate of between 2 – 4 square meters per litre depending how porous the paving is.

To use simply apply one coat to achieve a matt finish or two coats to achieve a soft sheen. This is called a trade sealer because it’s one of the best-selling sealants that is bought and used by professional paving installers.

Resiblock Trade sealer can safely be applied with a garden sprayer, roller and tray or brush.

Quick Guide on How to Apply Resiblock Paving Sealer (instructions provided with purchase)

  1. Make sure your paving is clean
  2. Allow your paving and joint sand to completely dry
  3. Top up paving joints with kiln dried sand where necessary
  4. Wait for a dry day to apply the sealer when no rain is forecast
  5. Apply with roller, sprayer or brush at recommended coverage rates
  6. When dry apply second coat If recommended
  7. Allow to fully dry before walking on surface
  8. Allow 24 hours before allowing vehicular traffic

Helpful guides when deciding to seal your paving

Other sealing products made by Resiblock

There are many other products besides sealers that Resiblock manufacture. These include products for both commercial and domestic use. Below are a few of the more popular products available.

Resimac. Asphalt & Tarmac Colour Restoring Sealer – 20 litres

Resimac black coloured restorer is perfect if you have old grey fading asphalt or tarmac on a driveway. Simply apply one coat of the black coloured Resimac sealer and bring it back to life and make it look brand new again. Simple to apply with a roller and tray. It prolongs the life of your asphalt or tarmac by giving it a protective waterproof coat on the surface. It has an anti-fungal additive that stops moss and weeds growing on the surface.

This product, often referred to as a black tarmac paint, is an environmentally friendly colour restorer for Asphalt and tarmac but can also be used on concrete. It is guaranteed for 2 years. Don’t be confused with cheaper imitations.

Resiblock Oil Remover

As the name suggests, Resiblock oil remover is made to safely and easily remove oil stains and spills. This can be used before you apply a sealer to your paving to clean and remove unsightly oil, grease, petrol or diesel stains on your paving. Available to buy in 1 or 5 litre containers. More information about Resiblock oil remover here.

Efflorescence Remover (ER)

Resiblock efflorescence remover is a highly effective cleaner that is used to safely remove the white salts and blooms that appear on new block paving and bricks. Works very fast to remove unsightly lime salts and white marks that are often produced on new paving and after bricks have been laid. Especially after it has rained. Apply at a rate of up to 6 square meters per litre.

This efflorescence cleaner works on concrete paving slabs and block paving. Do not use on natural stone.

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