Rotary Head Pressure Washers. What Are They?

Rotary head pressure washers attach to a power washer for cleaning pavingRotary head pressure washers. What are they and how do they work?

Do you use a pressure washer to you clean your paving often? If yes. Then you may want to consider buying a rotary head pressure washer attachment.

But why use a rotary head pressure washer to clean your patio or driveway? And how do they help when it comes to cleaning your paving with a pressure washer?

We take a look at one of the most popular attachments you can buy for your pressure washer. They are available to buy in many sizes & prices. Take a look at how you can use them and review which could be the best rotary head pressure for you.

What is a rotary head for a pressure washer?

These popular, multi-use cleaning attachments were once only used by specialist cleaning companies. They were an exclusive tool used only by experts in the industrial cleaning trade. But in recent years they have become very popular for the amateur DIY enthusiast who want to clean the chosen surface themselves.  Today, nearly all new pressure washers for sale will have a rotary head pressure washer cleaning attachment included or be able to buy as an extra.  With different sized and cleaning power rotary heads available to buy. It all depends on which surface you may want to clean. Cars, caravans, walls, concrete floors and paving and decking are some of the many surfaces that rotary head pressure washers can clean. There are many reviews of rotary head attachments to help you make up your mind.

Depending on the surface you want to clean will determine what kind of rotary cleaning attachment you will want to buy for your pressure washer. The ones with bristles are for vehicle & caravan cleaning. Ones with small wheels attached tend to be for cleaning hard surfaces such as paving.

There are different makes and designs of rotary head patio cleaner attachments for sale. If you buy one as an extra always check that the attachment will fit your brand of pressure washer. Remember because a Karcher rotary head cleaner may not fit onto a Bosch lance and visa versa.

Rotary head pressure washer attachment with bristles

Spinning rotary head cleaner with bristles for cleaning cars and glassIf you are cleaning a vehicle such as a car or glass you should buy one with bristles so not to scratch or damage the surface you are cleaning. The rotary heads with bristles work by spinning the bristles whilst injecting water onto the bristles from inside. These kinds of attachments are not ideal for cleaning paving as they don’t have the same cleaning force needed to remove dirt. They would also soon wear down the bristles on the hard paving surface.

They rely on the bristles and the spinning of the bristles to remove the dirt. Whereas one designed for cleaning paving or flat hard surfaces such as concrete rely on the internal high pressure jets of water to do the removal of dirt and grime.

If you are cleaning concrete or paving then you should buy one that is designed to clean a flat surface. These types of rotary head pressure washers are sold without bristles.

Lets look at how rotary head pressure washers work.

Looking under the rotary head pressure washer attachment you can see the spinning bars where water is expelled outwards and downwardsA rotary head pressure washer works in the same way that a jet wash spray gun works. The difference being that the jets of water are contained in the head fastened to the lance. Inside the head there are metal arms rotating/spinning around the head squirting water at pressure in a downward direction. This squirting of water creates a cleaning and scrubbing effect on the paving, removing the dirt and grime. And because the water jets are contained in the head of the cleaner you do not get any spraying out of the dirty water.

The higher the flow of the water through the lance and out through the nozzles usually the greater the downward cleaning force of water there will be. Although this could be dependent on the size of the nozzles. Or how many holes for the water to come out there are. Or how powerful (PSI) the pressure washer is able to work at.

Each manufacturer of rotary head pressure washers will be different. Industrial rotary cleaners will be different and I guess more powerful than ones you can buy on Amazon or from B & Q.

Attachment can be mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability

Buy a commercial rotary head cleaner from Whirl-a-Way. For professional and domestic use
Commercial rotary head cleaner from whirl-a-way

Some manufactures of rotary heads for pressure washers will mount the attachment with small wheels or casters. This is often the case with commercial rotary head cleaners. Because they can be quite heavy, this allows the cleaner easier maneuverability over the surface that is being cleaned. This makes moving the cleaner over the surface easier, very handy when using an industrial sized cleaner. But again its depending on which make and model you may decide to buy.

Another great advantage of using a rotary head pressure washer over a stick lance is that your driveway or patio will not be left with ‘zebra’ stripping once the paving once dry. This is caused by using a jet washer lance at different angles causing cleaning at different pressures. This is especially important if you are to clean patio and driveways commercially.

Find out more information or check prices to buy  rotary head cleaner

Why not look at some of the pressure washer rotary head reviews and other patio cleaning attachments you could buy for your jet washer on the Amazon paving shop. You can more information and find them for sale here

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