Stepping stones

Garden Stepping-Stones In Many Shapes & Designs

Log effect stepping stones for garden borders and lawnsStepping stones can be laid almost anywhere. They are both practical and beautiful. They are practical when used for walking on by stopping wet and muddy shoes and giving you a firm footing. Whilst they can be beautiful to look at and give you an element of fun when laid in a garden or landscaped area.

Popular areas where stepping stones can be laid include garden borders, gravel paths, grassed lawns and flower borders. They are really easy to lay because they don’t need as much thought into how they are going to be set in place like a paving slab patio would need. There are no hard rules of how to install them. Because they are laid individually, they can be simply put wherever they are needed. Especially if you don’t want a lot of paving slabs laid, but still want a solid, flat surface to walk on.

Look at some of the more unusual stepping stones you could buy

Almost any kind of paving slab can be used as a garden stepping stone. With many kinds of material used to make them. These include concrete and stone, cast iron and rubber. These come in many designs, patterns and colours. They can range in design from replica tree log ends or slate effect slabs or just simple round paving slabs. These allow you create great designs to any garden or landscaped area.

We have tried to included stepping stones you can buy that are made by small UK businesses. So by buying these garden slabs you know you are helping to support small specialist companies. These slabs are not made by the big national paving manufacturing firms. You will not find many of these stepping stones for sale on the high street. But one thing you will fing is that they are beautifully made with great attention to detail and still sold at a great price.

We look at some of the more unusual and popular kinds of stepping stones you can buy with prices

Garden Stepping Stones with Imprinted Animals

These stepping stones are usually circle in shape and are imprinted with the shape of an animal.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a stepping stone with the picture of your favorite animal. The most popular ones will have cats and dogs but you are not limited to these. Here we have shown you a stepping stone with the picture of a cat engraved into the slab. But you can can find almost any animal imprinted into a paving slab. Popular choices include birds like robins and blackbirds as well as elephants, deer and foxes.

We have a larger selection of garden stepping stones with pictures of animals on the surface you can look at. They are beautifully hand crafted by Neilsstonecraft.  Please have a look here to choose your animal

Unusual Shaped Stepping Stones

Add the fun factor into any garden by buying paving slabs that are unusual in their shape. Here we look at garden stepping stones that are different from the average design. These shapes of paving slab could be of an animal or other shape that is not round, square or oblong.

Here we have a stepping stone that you can buy that is in the shape of a paw print. The size is quite large at 12 inches x 16 inches so looks great in any garden or landscape area.

This paw print shaped stepping stone adds practicality and a bit of fun when laid into a lawn. It is frost proof and has a 15 year guarantee.

Like the paving stones above this one is hand crafted by Neilsstonecraft. There are many other designs of stepping stones in the shape of an animal you can buy for a garden. Please visit here to look at a selection.

Cast Iron & Aluminum Metal Stepping Stones

These stepping stones are made from metal and are usually hand crafted by small independent businesses.

The metal stepping stone we have highlighted here is in a design of a butterfly. It is beautifully made from hand cast aluminum and is available in 3 different colours. They are made and sold by Black County Metal Works.

This butterfly shaped metal paver has spikes on the underneath so will not slip when stepped upon. It requires only to be place on a lawn or soiled area and sits firmly in place.

Glow-in-the-Dark Garden Stepping Stones

Glow-in-the-dark stepping stones add real character to your garden borders or lawn. They are both practical and fun. They are easy to install and character paving slabs. Kids & adults will love these.

Log effect stepping stones

Railway sleeper shaped stepping stone

Stepping-stones can be easily laid on a garden lawn

Buy slab stepping stones for a gardenIt can be quite an easy task to lay stepping stone on a garden lawn. You can lay them on any material such as soil, grit sand or a mortar mix of sand and cement.

We recommend when laying paving slabs on a lawn area you should lay them so the surface of the stepping stone is just below the level of the lawn. That way, when you mow the lawn you should be able to cut the grass without the stepping stone being in the way of the mower blades. You simply mow straight over the top of the stepping stone when laid below the level of the grass.

How to lay stepping stones on a grass lawn

  1. Begin by placing the stepping stones on the lawn in the place you want it laid
  2. If laying more than one stepping stone, play around with distances of your stride
  3. Once you are happy with the position, cut around the slab with a sharp blade or use sand to mark around the outside of the slab before removing and then cutting along the line of the sand.
  4. Remove the inner grass lawn that has been cut and a small amount of soil below the grass
  5. Place the stepping stone into the cut out area.
  6. Check the height of the stepping stone with the level of lawn
  7. Now decide if you need to remove more material from under the stepping stone to lower it or place sand in the bottom to bring it up the required height
  8. Allow a couple of millimeters extra in height so you can gently tap the surface to secure it in place
  9. Once you are happy with the finished level gently tap the stepping stone surface to set in place. Use a rubber mallet and spirit level or simply level to the surrounding lawn to stop trip hazards and allow for easy mowing
  10. Finish by treading in the lawn around the stepping stone to firm the edges around the slab

How to lay stepping stones on a gravel pathway

Stepping stone paving slab with cement hunched up the side of the slab to help stop it movingIf you are laying stepping-stones on a pathway that will have stone chippings or gravel laid around the edges it would be wise to lay the stepping stone on a mortar mix of sand and cement.

This is best done with a hunching of cement up the sides of the stepping-stone paving slabs to stop it sliding off the mortar. We also recommend that they are glued down to stop them becoming loose.

We have a helpful guide with photos and a easy to follow video to help you with laying your paving slabs to form stepping stones to walk on.

You can read our guide on how to lay paving slabs on gravel here


All manufacturers will sell paving slabs that are ideal for using as stepping stones

Almost every manufacturer of paving slab products will manufacturer paving slabs that can be used as stepping stones. Above we have shown paving products from Stoneflair and Bradstone although companies like Marshalls and even stockists like Wickes and B&Q will have some stepping-stones for sale.

The range of stepping stones you can buy includes carved wood, concrete and stone, log effect and some even imprinted with animals and faces.