Ultima-Plus XP Outdoor Cleaner for Paving, Wood, Concrete, Glass & Plastic

Ultima-Plus XP Outdoor Cleaner – 5 Litres

Read our review of Ultima-Plus XP Outdoor Cleaner. This is one of the most powerful outdoor cleaners you can buy to treat and remove moss, algae and greenery from almost any surface including paving. It is one of the best-selling outdoor cleaners sold on Amazon that you can buy. You can buy here with the biggest discounts on the prices to buy and with free delivery.

Ultima-Plus XP is a popular choice of outdoor cleaner for safely removing & cleaning black spot, moss, algae,  and dirt from stone & concrete paving, glass, plastic and wood.

Price to Buy – £16.95 Free UK Delivery

Ultima-Plus XP has a great feedback of 4.4 and over 200 reviews on Amazon

You can easily apply Ultima Plus XP with a watering can fitted with a rose or garden sprayer. If you are using on a vertical surface a garden sprayer would be recommended. The formula is concentrated, so will need to be diluted with water before application. To use, dilute at a rate of 1 part cleaner to 9 parts water. That means that when you buy Ultima-Plus XP you get a massive 400 square meters of cleaner. Enough to clean large areas of wood decking & fencing, concrete or stone driveways and patios or any other surface at a very low-cost. Use with a low pressure garden sprayer to get the best coverage. A watering can will reduce the coverage but you will still get fantastic results. Just apply the cleaning solution to your greenery then leave to work its magic.

Once you have applied XP outdoor cleaner there’s no need to rinse off

Ultima-Plus biodegradable paving cleaner for removing moss and algae of paving slabs and block pavingOnce you have applied Ultima-Plus Outdoor cleaner to the moss, algae and dirt that there is no need to wash the cleaner from the surface of your paving or many other surface that you can use it to clean.

You do not need to use a pressure washer or water to rinse the surface you have applied the cleaner.

Just allow the safe, biodegradable cleaner to do its work over the next few days. It prevent re-growth. Watch as each time it rains the outdoor cleaner is reactivated then cleans the surface again. It keeps on cleaning and killing the moss and algae spores on your surface for up to 6 months after application. Are wondering why this cleaner is called XP? Well it’s because it is Xtra Strong! It contains 100% more active ingredients that other outdoor cleaners for removing moss and algae.

What can Ultima-Plus XP be used to clean?

There are many surfaces that Ultima Plus XP can be used to clean besides paving. It can safely be used to clean stained, varnished and painted surfaces. It works like magic to clean both outdoor & indoor surfaces. These include –

  • Wood & composite decking
  • Concrete panels & statues
  • Stone & concrete
  • Tarmac & asphalt
  • Fencing posts and panels
  • Tiled roofs & blue and grey slates
  • Plastic windows & doors
  • Conservatories
  • Caravans & motor homes
  • All kinds of stone & brick walling
  • Terracotta pots and tiles
  • Clay bricks
  • Glass including greenhouses

Some of the many benefits of Ultima-Plus

There are many benefits when using this cleaner over more conventional cleaners on patio or driveway paving. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cleaner has no shelf life.
  • Solution contains no bleach! Non-acidic cleaner.
  • 100% safe Biodegradable cleaner
  • Safe to use around children and pets once dry
  • Visible results in 2-3 days
  • Can be used on many different surfaces
  • XP prevents the re-growth of greenery for many months

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