Large selection of walling stone availableLarge selection of Walling stone

Available in a selection of colours and sizes in natural stone and man-made concrete stone walling.

Pitched or cropped faced finish of stone.

Stone walling can be easily colour matched to existing paving or bricks.


Create a walled screen with these patterned walling unitsPattern screen walling

Very easy to lay with decorative design.

Creates privacy buts allows sunlight in.

Ideal for when a screen is needed.

Can be laid on top of existing walls.


If you need to build a wall then look no further than the large selection of stone bricks that we have for sale that can be delivered straight to your home. We have many different styles and colours of stone that will enhance and look great built around any home.

Our stone for building a wall is ideal for retaining and garden walls of any size. You can also buy building sand and cement for the construction of your wall and it can be delivered at the same time as your walling stone so you are ready to start building the moment your delivery arrives.

When choosing the stone for your wall think about the colours of your existing paving or the existing stone or brick that your home has been built from. Do you want a contrasting colour scheme or do you want to match the existing colours of your home or paving? If you are erecting a small wall around a wheelie bin area or compost heap why not consider using large pre formed bricks that can be laid with ease or screen walling that is simple to construct for the average diy builder.

Concrete footings

You may also need to construct some footings from concrete to build your wall upon. The concrete mix should be at least 4inch (100mm) in depth and made from a mix of sand, stone and cement. Concrete footings should always be allowed to set before building the wall upon.