Which Sprayer Should You Buy for Applying Paving Cleaners and Sealers

Man applies cleaner with a sprayer to block paving. But which sprayer should you buy for applying paving cleaners and sealers

Which sprayer should you buy for applying paving cleaners and sealers? There are so many sprayers available to buy but is there a difference in the kinds of sprayers available? Can I use the same sprayer for applying weed killers and applying a sealer?

So which sprayer should you buy if you want to apply a sealer or a weed killer to your paving? Not all sprayers are the same. When buying a sprayer it’s important you buy the correct spraying unit that sprays at the correct pressure. Using the wrong sprayer could cost you money. You might not need to buy an expensive version when all you need was a cheap sprayer. But beware, if applying a sealer with a sprayer you need the correct sprayer according to the sealer you are using.

Lets take a look at which sprayer should you buy for applying paving cleaners and sealers

To help you choose we have put the sprayers into two categories.

1. Sprayers for applying cleaners and weed killers.
2. Sprayers for applying sealers to paving.

1. Sprayers for Applying Cleaners, Fertilizer, Weeds, Moss & Algae Killers

Sprayers for applying weed, moss & algae killer. Water & Fertilizers

Choosing the correct spraying unit for applying weed, moss or algae killer to your paving is fairly straight forward. The most popular and best-selling ones are made from plastic. They are designed to be used with water based liquids. They are nearly always shatterproof and frost resistant & sold with plastic or metal nozzles.

With its 5 year warranty, this is the best pump-up pressure garden sprayer we would recommend.

It’s perfect for applying water, fertilizers, moss & weed killers or fungicides to paving or around your garden. This is because these liquids will not corrode the plastic material the sprayer is made from.

It is a very reasonably priced product

A simple plastic hand-pumped garden pressure sprayer should be fine. You could choose any one of the many cheap ones available to buy. Your main decision lies with size, comfort and practicality of the sprayer. If you are going to be applying your moss, weed & algae killers to a large area choose a spraying unit with a larger capacity. Maybe a 10, 15 or 20 litre capacity to save on refilling the sprayer. For ease of application you could choose a knapsack sprayer for carrying on your back with comfort straps. Or choose a garden sprayer with wheels if carrying the sprayer is an issue. Small hand-held sprayers of 1 or 2 litre capacity are great for small areas.

Sprayers for applying paving cleaners

The majority of paving cleaners can be applied with a plastic spraying unit as the ones above. But if you are using bleach, acid  or aggressive chemical based paving cleaners in your sprayer then the life span of the plastic sprayer could be shortened. The rubber seals, gaskets and fittings around the pump could become brittle. Extra care should be taken to rinse clean the sprayer after each application of cleaner.

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2. Sprayers for Applying Block Paving & Concrete Sealer

Deciding which sprayer to buy depends on the kind of sealer you are going to be applying to your paving. Sealers fall into two different categories. Solvent or water based sealers. This is an important consideration when buying a sprayer for applying sealants.

Sprayers for applying water based sealers

Which sprayer should you buy for applying water based sealers? If you are applying a water based sealer to paving, concrete or PIC then most kinds of spraying units will be satisfactory. Recommended sprayers include the plastic garden and knapsack sprayers.

There are many products you can buy for applying a sealer. Knapsack sprayers are very good when applying water based sealers.

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Extra care should be taken when cleaning the sprayers after use. If you leave liquid sealer in the sprayer the water can evaporate leaving behind the resins in the sealer. Once any liquid sealer has dried out inside the sprayer it will leave seals, nozzles and the lance coated in resin. This will stop the sprayer from working correctly next time you need to use it.

Sprayers for applying solvent based sealers

Sprayers for applying solvent based sealers need to be viton equipped. That is the sprayer seals, gaskets and piping need to be able to withstand organic & petroleum-based solvents. The seals and working parts of the sprayer will melt and corrode very easily if you use a normal, everyday spraying unit that does not have solvent resistant seals. This is because solvents will corrode, dissolve or simply melt the rubber, plastic gaskets or seals fitted to your sprayer.

Viton equipped seals and gaskets will not be easily corroded by solvents. Viton sprayers are designed to be used with solvents such as white spirit, xylene and Acetone. If you are using a solvent based block paving sealer made from polyurethane or acrylic these are an ideal sprayer to use.

You will need to use white spirits, acetone or xylene to clean your sprayer immediately after using any solvent based sealants. This is because solvent based sealers dry very quickly. They dry quickly because the solvent evaporate. Do not allow the sprayer to dry out without first cleaning the sprayer because the resins within the sealer will set on to the equipment and be difficult to remove once dry. Sprayers for applying solvent based sealers can be made from metal or plastic.

It is always wear a suitable face mask when spraying solvent based sealers onto paving. The solvents can be bad for your lungs if breathed in.

Helpful guides with paving sealers

You should now know which sprayer you should buy for applying paving cleaners and sealers. Popular manufacturers of sprayers include Gloria, Hozelock, Kingfisher & Spear & Jackson.

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