Wire Brush for Cleaning Paving Joints

 This wire brush for cleaning paving joints is a great tool for removing weeds and moss that are growing in the joints of block paving. Are you tired of bending down to pick out weeds with your hands from paving or decking? Then this is the perfect weeding tool for you.

Long handle wire brush for easily removing dirt, moss and weeds from between the joints of block paving

There are many makes and manufacturers of long handle wire brush tools available to buy. They really do make removing weeds and moss from paving joints easy. You can use this tool if you don’t want to use a jet washer to remove weeds and moss. This is a light weight, simple to use tool for easily cleaning dirt & greenery out of the cracks in patios and driveway paving.

This wire brush on the end of a long handle is one of the best gardening tools you can use to make removing moss & weeds easier

This long handled wire brush tool made by Charles Bentley is also an effective tool for cleaning wood decking, walls and household bricks. This cleaning brush has received great reviews

Watch our video on how to use a wire brush to remove moss & weeds from block paving

Watch our video below on how to use the wire brush for removing weeds from paving joints to see how fast & efficient they are.


As you can see they are a very robust and strong wire brush that works perfectly at removing moss and weeds from block paving. The brush has received many positive reviews on Amazon. You may find that some garden centre’s will sell this product.

 There are many designs and manufacturers of the long handled wire brush for removing weeds and moss from block paving. Some of the popular brands of garden tools are made by Wolf Garten, Spear & Jackson, Gardena, Marko & Burwells to name just a few. Many have big discounts and sold at the best price. The long handled wire brush is very easy to use and very effective at removing even the toughest weeds from joints in driveways and patio block paving.

How does the wire brush for cleaning paving joints work?

The head of the brush can be made from strong plastic, metal or hardwood but all the designs will have steel bristles fitted into rows. The wire brush for cleaning paving joints have a long handle for added strength and flexibility. And it won’t involve bending down or being on your knees for hours. It’s an environmentally kind gardening tool also. No need to use wed killers or bleach to kill your weeds.

You remove the weeds by moving the wire brush along the joints keeping to the line of the paving. This will soon become apparent when you begin to use the tool.

Tip. Apply a weed killer or remove larger weeds with a metal scraper before using wire brush for cleaning paving joints

There are many makes of wire brush for cleaning paving joints. This one is made from wood

To make using the weed removal brush even easier to use, it can helpful if you apply a weed killer to the weeds a few days or preferably a couple of weeks before you try to remove the weeds and moss. This will allow the weeds to die.

If you have larger weeds that need to be removed consider using a metal scraping tool first to remove large, deep rooted weeds.

Once the weeds & moss have died they will lose their grip on the paving joints, making removing the weeds even easier with the wire brush. You will know when the weeds and moss have died because they will turn brown and lose their green colour.

Other ways to remove weeds & moss

Don’t want to use a wire brush! Then consider an electric wire brush for cleaning paving joints

If the using the weed removal tool looks like hard work why not consider using an electric weed removal tool. They simply plug into the mains electricity and have an electric rotating wire brush that simply and efficiently removes the weeds for you. Check them out here

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