About Us

About the Paving Directory.

We supply information and share experiences of paving products and ‘how to guides’. We also show you the best prices to buy the products if possible. Our site is for the construction industry and private home owners. Or anybody who wishes to buy paving products or requires the services of professional paving contractors to carry out paving related work.

We do have a paving shop for smaller products that we promote though Amazon. We have checked the suppliers of these building materials and are delighted with the paving products and delivery service they provide. Please contact us if you are not completely satisfied with any of the products or services.

About this site

We have been laying, selling and talking about paving for over 30 years now and my love of paving never diminishes. I love the products, tools and methods of laying everything from block paving and paving slabs to tarmac and stone paving.

I have set up this website to give you a great resource on paving products, contractors and manufactures of all makes and brands of paving.

It also allows you to view many driveway and patio building techniques that give you a great in-depth knowledge on paving slabs, block paving or concrete paving products.

I also like to mention and cover anything news related about new paving products.

Please contact us if you would like to speak about anything on this paving site. Or if you would like any questions related to paving answering.

Thank you