Paving Circle

Buy paving slabs in the shape of a circle Paving circles are a beautiful addition to any driveway or patio. They work well with any paving design and add real style and quality. Paving slabs in the shape of a circle can be bought to incorporate into driveway or garden paving or they can be used alone to create small patios or features in a garden.

Stone and block paving circle kits are available to buy in a range of colours and finishes. The circle paving kit is designed so that you will not have to cut curves into your paving to fit the circle into the pattern. The paving is supplied curved, so fits snugly alongside and into the pattern.

Man-made concrete or natural stone circles are available to buy from many paving manufacturers in the UK. Although they are not available to buy for every kind of design of block paving or paving slabs. Just a select few.

Large choice of Block paving, stone and concrete circles that can be laid in whole or in a half. You can make great looking steps around a home or garden.

I don’t think there is anything as nice in the paving world as a circle of paving laid in a beautiful garden. You could opt for one ring of paving or two rings if you’re looking to pave a larger area. They can be incorporated into any paving design and with a little thought on placement they can be the focal point of any paved area. They are great for any flooring design indoors or outdoors.

Paving slab circle kits are readily available to buy in many different surface finishes like smooth-faced or riven faced that can suit a modest budget. They are available to buy in man-made concrete slabs, natural stone and concrete block paving sizes.

Squaring off paving slab kits are also available to buy from Wickes to save all that timely cutting of the paving slabs to get your circle to seamlessly fit into a regular square design of paving.

How to use a paving circle

There are many other ways that slab circles can be used for example, you could lay a circle of slabs around a pond or water feature or why not use them to create a meandering path down a garden to add great style to any landscaping design you may have in mind.

Other uses for paving circles include using them for steps at the front or rear of a house. Remember that if you are using them for steps, that you will only need to buy half circle of paving if laying only one step.