Building sand

Building sand to buy for making mortar and renderingWhere would we be without building sand. It is used in nearly every part of the construction industry. From making mortar for the laying of bricks and stone in the construction of houses and homes to the building of garden walls and pointing of paving slabs.

Building sand is a much softer sand than grit or sharp sand and contains much finer particles than other sand types.

It is available to buy in 25 kg and large bulk bags that contain up to 1 tonne of building sand but usually around 850kg of sand is contained in a bulk bag

Building sand is used mainly in the making of mortars and renders by combining it with cement and water in varying strengths depending on what the mortar is being used for. A typical sand and cement ratio for the laying of stone or bricks for the building of walls is 4:1 although some construction projects will call for a ratio of 3:1 or 5:1.

Don’t lay paving on building sand

Building sand is not used for the laying of block paving or paving slabs unless it is combined with cement and even this mixture can be too soft to lay paving slabs upon. This is because of the fine nature of the sand. If you use soft building sand to lay block paving upon it will eventually lead to the paving sinking.

Building sand will hold a lot of water and become saturated which can lead to what is known as liquefaction if used to lay paving upon. This is where the foundation sand fails in its strength because of the water held within the sand and the material laid upon the sand will have a tendency to sink into the sand, especially if the area is to carry the weight of a vehicle.

Grit sand should be used in the construction of a driveway or patio because it has a much greater strength to ‘hold up’ the material laid upon it.

You can buy building sand in 1 tonne bulk bags or in 25kg easy to handle bags from our paving shop