Edging Stones

Why use edging stones and what type to use?

Do you want edging stones to be for decoration purposes or are they for practical reasons like retaining soil or retaining the structure of the paved area?

If you are thinking of buying some edging stones or kerb’s for your garden, driveway or patio then you may want to consider these points before buying your edging stones.

  • Are the edging stones to be used for retaining soil or paving. If they are, you may want to consider a larger edging stone as you may find that you need to “bury or cement in” the edging stones to create some stability.
  • You could choose edges that are the same colour as the paving that they are being laid against but why not try a contrasting colour of edging stone.
  • Consider laying the edging stones after you have laid the paving if the area is not heavy load bearing but if the area that is to be paved is load bearing then it may be worth considering laying the kerb’s first to help strengthen the paving.
  • Leave small gaps between the odd edging stone or kerb to allow water to drain through into the garden border, soil or planted areas if you don’t have a nearby drain to direct the surface water towards.

Look at some of the many types of edging stones you could use


There are may types of edging stones you could chooseCurved top edging stones

Available in different 3 colours. red, buff (yellow) and natural.




Block paving edging stones

View our range of block paving edging kerbs

Available to buy in large and small sizes and in a range of colours and shapes

Easily laid to the existing patio or driveway border.

Curved edging blocks are also available for making curved edges and circles for raised garden beds.



Old Victorian rope top edging

Old fashioned Victorian rope top edging from BradstoneBradstone Victorian style rope top edging stones add a real sense of class to compliment any paving type.

Victorian style roped top edges are designed to look rustic and are available to buy in 4 traditional colours.  Antique red, Cotswold buff, terracotta and old granite black/charcoal colours will allow you to choose a perfect match for any paving type, border or garden design you have in mind.