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Driveway Security Posts Fitted to Paving

Rhino Security Posts from Marshalls Paving

Security posts can be fit in to any kind of paving. Once installed & activated they can help protect your car, caravan, trailer or van from being stolen. They will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is parked safe and secure. Security posts fitted on a driveway have proven to be a big deterrent for thieves.

Once installed, they give you added reassurance that your vehicle is safe at night or if you go on holiday.

The basic security posts are simple to install and relatively cheap to buy. They are a small price to pay for peace of mind. Especially compared to the disruption and cost involved with having your car, caravan, trailer or van stolen .

Different Kinds of Driveway Security Posts

There are many different types and makes of security posts that are available to buy. It depends on your budget and how much security you require. The prices to buy the posts can range from relatively cheap drop down ones to the more expensive automatic electric telescopic security post with car recognition system. These ones can run into the thousands of pounds to have installed. There are many other versions of posts in between this price range.

Lets take a look at the 3 different kinds of driveway security posts you could buy. They can be installed on any paving type. Including concrete, block paving, patterned concrete, gravel or paving slabs. Most of them can be installed with a bit of DIY knowledge while others require specialist installers.

Fold Down Security Posts

These kinds of security post must be manually dropped down to lay flat on the surface when access is needed in and out the driveway with a vehicle.

They are cheap to buy and can be easily fit by a competent DIY’er.

A drop down or fold down driveway security post uses a padlock to secure it in place and give security when upright. There are many variations with different makes and models of drop down security posts. Some can be hinged and are not removable. The hinged security post will lay on the surface of the driveway when unlocked.

There will be a trip hazard when laid flat although they are usually bright in colour so are well seen. They should always be fitted to your own private driveway and never fitted to a public highway, pavement or road.

The drop, hinged or fold down security post can be fitted into place by being either fixed to the ground by bolts screwed into the paving surface. Or by fixing a base with concrete within the driveway for the post to fit into.

Fold down, hinged or drop  down driveway posts are usually the cheapest security posts for driveways you can have fitted. They give good security against being rammed with another vehicle. There is also a good selection to choose from. Although they are not as strong as a pull up telescopic post below.

You can check the prices to buy from Amazon here

Telescopic Security Posts

Pull up security posts, or telescopic driveway security posts  are contained within the ground. They are a very secure and popular way to protect cars, vans, trailers and caravans against theft.

They are manually pulled up from within the casing that is secured underground with concrete. The security post is then locked in place with an inbuilt locking mechanism. Either with a locking key (more expensive) or with a padlock.

Telescopic posts are very secure. They are fixed to the ground by the fixed casing underground. The housing of the post is concreted into the sub-soil making it very secure against damage. Either through being rammed by a vehicle or cut with a cutting tool.

One great advantage when installed is that a telescopic security post will hide away neatly into the floor of the driveway. They have a lid that closes flush with the paving that hides away the post and stops dirt and water getting into the housing of the post. There should be no chance of tripping on the post when not in use. Telescopic post are more expensive to buy and fit than a fold down, hinged or removable driveway security post.

They can be fitted to old or new driveways as the block paving can be re-laid snugly around the post hole once installation is complete.

You can check some of the prices to buy from Amazon here

Electronic Security Bollards

Electronic security posts are considered the Rolls-Royce of the security post world. They are secured in the ground like a telescopic post would be fitted. They are operated by either an infra-red or switch control that can be fitted to a car or remote control. These kinds of posts are a specialized installation as an electric feed will be needed to the security post then connected to the mains electricity.

Electronic security posts or bollards are expensive systems to buy. They are used widely in commercial projects or where a high degree of security is needed. Security posts that are activated electronically are often found in town centre’s for traffic control or outside public or financial buildings. But that’s not to say you can’t use them on a private driveway. You can, there are smaller versions of electronic posts for driveways.

You can purchase electronic security posts for fitting to a driveway or you could purchase the  heavy-duty ones for commercial use.

Electronic security posts are costly to buy and install but very convenient if manually operating the post is an issue or you just want the convenience of never having to lift up and lower the post. Or a greater level of security is need.

Installation Costs Vary Depending on Model

The cost of installation of driveway security posts and bollards varies depending on the system of operation you want to use. Once you have bought the post, the cost to hire a paving contractor to fit the security post to your paved driveway is not that expensive. Simple fold down or pull up posts that require a hole to be dug can be installed for around the £300 price range. This cost involves any reinstatement work that will be involved in replacing the paving around the security post once fitted.

The electric-powered, automatic security post that are often operated with sensors fitted to your car can cost thousands of pounds to install and will need you to hire specialist installers that are electrically trained.

If you would like to speak to us about having a driveway security post fitted by one of our contractors please contact us here

You Could Save on Your Vehicle Insurance

You may be able to get cheaper car, caravan or motorhome insurance if you fit a security post to your driveway or private parking area. Having driveway security posts fitted can reduce the cost of your vehicle insurance because they keep your vehicle secure when it is parked. As long as the post is activated in the upright position. Check with your insurance company to see if you can make a saving. You never know, the saving might be equal to the cost of buying the post.