Block Paving Laying Patterns

Paving contractor laying 90 degree herringbone block paving laying patternsBefore you go ahead and have a driveway or patio laid you may want to have a look at some of the many block paving laying patterns.

A skilled, experienced paving contractor will have laid many different kinds of  patterns into block paving. With some more challenging than others.

It’s worthwhile speaking to your contractor before the laying of the paving blocks takes place to talk about some of the many designs such as diamond shapes and contrasting borders that can be achieved.

Examples of block paving laying patterns

First you will want to think about what design you would like your block paving laid with, choosing a design for your garden patio or driveway is something you can do yourself. Just buy a few pavers from your local builders yard or DIY store and have a play around with some of the laying patterns available below.
Try blending different colours of paving brick and always try to blend the colours of the block paving in with colours of existing house or stone. You can also ask the block paving contractor to show you a few different block paving laying patterns before you give them the work.
Add colour to a design with block paving and you can create a stunning looking finish to you paving blocks. Combine the colours and you can give width and definition to any block paving project.

45heringbone (2)Herringbone laid at 45 degree pattern

The most difficult of the block paving laying patterns to correctly achieve. The first few blocks laid in this pattern need to be correctly lined up so the direction of the pattern is straight. Needs cuts to each side of the paved driveway or patio once laid. Unlike herringbone pattern laid at 90 degrees which uses mostly halves of cut paving brick, Herringbone laid at 45 degrees will need complete cutting at the paving edge. It is very difficult to match the waste cut pavers cut at 45 degrees to another area of the paving. So wastage of cut pavers is greater in a 45 degree design of block paving when used in the laying on a driveway or patio.You could use a block splitter rather than using a stonesaw which might but down n time taken to cut the pavers.


herringboneHerringbone laid with 90 degree pattern.

This is the easiest of the block paving laying patterns to achieve. A string line or straight-edged timber rail are needed to keep the pattern running straight and square to the sides of the area to be paved. Often this laid pattern of paving is used if the driveway has a long straight edge to one or both sides. Using the 90 degree angle of herringbone when laying block paving will save on cutting the paving blocks on the straight-edged side. The cuts needed are half a paving block in size so once the brick is cut you can use the other half as well. (1 cut = 2 bricks)


basket weaveBasket weave

Excellent pattern to lay. Few, if any, cuts to the paving edges. Excellent pattern to use if a long straight edge to the driveway is available to lay the pattern to. By mixing different colours of pavers into the design of the basket weave pattern you can create some great effects to the design and look of the driveway or patio.


stretcherStretcher Bond

The easiest of block paving laying patterns to achieve when thinking of a design for your block paved driveway, The addition of a second colour of paver can add brilliant coloured designs to the driveway.


border1Borders  You can vary the pattern of the border to contrast the main pattern of the paving. In most cases of driveway block paving installation, the colour and design of the paved borders needs to compliment the main area of paving blocks. If you don’t want the borer of the driveway or patio to stand out from the driveway it is always best to use the same colour of block paving as you have used in the main area of driveway. That way the colours and design will blend together perfectly.






basketweave1Mixing Colors – If you mix a different colour of paving into your design you can get some great effects. This is suitable to basket weave design of pattern.



diamondDiamond – You can transform the look of block paving if you incorporate a diamond pattern shape into the design of your block paving driveway or patio. There are many variations and designs of diamond that can be laid into block paving. The colour of the diamond paving is often the same colour of the border paving, this is likely used to highlight the diamond pattern in the drive.

Choose a laying pattern before you lay your paving

If you are having a paving contractor lay a block paving driveway or patio then you will want to make sure you choose a laying pattern you like before they start the work. Talk about the design before you have the paving bricks laid.

When you are given a price to lay block paving the contractor will price the work accordingly. A simple design will be cheaper to lay because it should be faster to lay the paving bricks. If you have a driveway design that if very complicated the quotation could be more expensive. This will be because the time to lay the paving design may take longer. Especially if you have chosen to have lots of different coloured diamonds. Or even if the design is laid in a 45 degree herringbone design. Which would mean more cuts to the paving edges. This increases the cost because of additional labor time to lay the block paving pattern.

All of the above block paving laying patterns use the regular sized block paving brick paver with each block paver measuring 200 mm long by a width of 100 mm, the depth of the paving varies according to specific need but does not affect the laying pattern. Commercial block paving should have a minimum depth of the block paving of 80 mm and domestic driveway and patios should use 50 mm or 60 mm depth of block paving brick, which is fine for driveways that carry family cars. You can buy the paving bricks in various colors. If you would like to buy block paving you can see typical prices for block paving here or you could have a look at cobble design effect paving where you will find designs and patters using various old look cobble stone block paving

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