How to make plastic waste into block paving. How Wasteaid is helping solve the plastic waste problem

Have you ever thought about how to make plastic waste into block paving.  Well every now and again I read a story that gives great me inspiration that this is possible. This is one of them. The story is how block paving is being made from waste plastic. It creates jobs and uses plastic that would otherwise find itself dumped in landfills.

The charity WasteAid teaches people how to make plastic waste into block paving
Each piece of block paving has been made with over 200 plastic bags

WasteAid UK.

Set up in 2015, WasteAid UK is a charity set up by waste management professionals. Their aim is to deliver practical and low-cost waste services in developing countries where infrastructure is lacking. This is one charity that is making a big difference to people’s lives as well as helping to protect our oceans and environment. And I’m sure you are fully aware that the oceans and the environment need our help and fast. So projects like these show us all, and especially big multi-million pound companies that they can do more.

In their first year, WasteAid UK trained over 360 entrepreneurs how to make money from recycling. Which has not only allowed them to make money and create jobs locally but it has had a positive impact on the lives of over 120,000 people. WasteAid has so far developed 34 community recycling facilities, across 9 different countries. Now that’s progress. They do not just teach others how how to make plastic waste into block paving, they also support and work with others on promoting a whole range of recycling methods. These not only include turning plastic bags into paving slabs but also how to turn food waste into fertiliser. How to turn leaf litter into charcoal and many other brilliant ways to better use and recycle waste.

How to Make Plastic Waste into Block Paving.

If you would like to read about how WasteAid UK is helping people in Africa transform plastic waste into block paving please have a look at their website. You can find a step-by-step guide on how they do it. As well as how they are helping others make a business out of re-using waste plastic.

If you would like to read more or give your support please visit the WasteAid UK website here

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