Review of the best-selling outdoor solar lights for lighting up patios and driveways

We review some of the best-selling outdoor solar lights you can install in a garden, patio or driveway. Have a look at outdoor solar-powered lights that are easy to install by simply screwing to a solid surface such as a wall or garden fence.

These lights are wireless and do not need to connect to the mains electricity.  As well as creating an inviting space at night they can also help with security around your home when darkness falls. There are many designs and sizes you can choose that will compliment any outdoor patio or garden setting.

Review of the best-selling outdoor solar lights for lighting up patios, driveways and gardens

Review of the best-selling outdoor solar lights

Below we review some of the best-selling solar-powered lights that are sold with the biggest discounts.

Mpow Outdoor Solar Powered Lights. 3-in-1 Motion Control

This is the latest model of outdoor solar lights from Mpow. With it’s very fast charging batteries and waterproof case make this one of the best-selling outdoor solar lights sold on Amazon. It can be fastened to a wall, fence or solid outdoor area. This solar light is a popular choice to illuminate a driveway where a car may be parked to give added security or on a path or pathway near your home.

It is powered by 8 LED lights and gives you 1.3 watts of power per unit. The ultra-bright LED lights will easily light-up any path patio or driveway. Every Mpow product includes 45 days money back guarantee and 18 months worry-free warranty!

With over 3740 reviews and a fantastic feedback score of 4.8 on Amazon this is a great choice to buy

Buy Mpow solar powered lights with big discounts

The Mpow outdoor solar light has 3 different choices of operation. A switch on the rear of the device can be used to choose one of the settings below.

  1. Strong Long Light Mode. With this setting the solar light will turn on automatically at night.
  2. Dim Light Sensor Mode. When a person enters the area that the sensor covers, the light will switch on to full. After they leave the area the light will begin to dim before switching off.
  3. Strong Light Sensor Mode. When somebody goes through the sensor area, the light switch on to full. The light will turn off once the person leaves the sensor area.

Mpow have a large range of solar-powered lights in different sizes, fitted with various amounts of LED bulbs. You can view the full range of Mpow outdoor solar lights that you can fit to a fence, house or wall  for sale here.

Stainless Steel Solar Powered Step Lights from Aveki

This small LED solar stair lights are sold in packs of 8 so are fantastic for lighting or marking out an area of patio, driveway or garden. They are easily mounted either vertically or flatly. The fitted battery enables the light to run for up to 9 hour once fully charged. The batteries will even charge on overcast days. The light will automatically turn on at night and off during the day.

This 8 pack of solar stair lights have 15 reviews and score a perfect 5 out of 5 on Amazon

Buy Aveki solar powered step lights with discounts

Key features of the Aveki solar-powered step lights

  • Automatic on at night and off by day
  • Each light is fitted with 2 LED Bulbs
  • Solar stair lights are fitted with monocrystalline silicon solar panels
  • Waterproof and made from stainless steel
  • Solid stainless steel construction.
  • Built to withstand years of rain, snow, ice and wind
  • Perfect for illuminating stairs, patios & paths, decks, gardens
  • Great for highlighting landscape and garden features
  • 8 pack solar step lights

The Aveki stainless steel solar-powered step lights are sold with a full 12-month warranty 

TopElec Waterproof Solar Powered Fence Lights

TopElec make these number one best-selling outdoor solar lights. They are small and compact that can easily be fastened to any outdoor fence to provide a light powerful enough to illuminate a path or patio area.

These lights look great when they are fastened to a garden fence or garage. They can easily light up an area such as steps and paths to give you added safety when walking at night. They work really well when used to illuminate an area of garden or landscape. Giving you stunning highlights to any landscape space.

With over 1000 reviews and great score of 4.5 on Amazon you know you are buying a great product

Buy Topelec solar powered lights with discounts on the price

Key features of Topelec solar lights

This 4 pack of TopElec outdoor fence solar lights are sold with a 45 day money back guarantee & 18 months warranty.

Solarcentre Paverlight XT Solar Powered Block Paving Light (X2)

These popular brick shaped solar lights from Solarcentre are a fantastic addition to any patio or driveway. They are designed to be fitted flush with your paving or decked surface. They are sold in pack of 2 lights.

These lights powered by the sun are made the same size as a block paver so will fit perfectly into a pattern or design of block paved area. Because they are solar-powered you will not need to wire these driveway and patio light to the mains electricity. They are totally wireless. These lights are the size of standard block paving & have the strength to withstand the weight of a vehicle. So are perfect for lighting up driveways or patios where block paving has been installed.

The block paving shaped solar-powered light has 9 reviews and scores 3.4 on Amazon

Buy solar powered driveway lights in the shape of block paving

Key features of the Solarcentre paving lights

  • Sold as a set of two lights. Paverlight XT
  • Wireless so ideal for patios, driveways and decking
  • Standard block paving brick size with non-slip surface
  • Up to 12 hours of light with a full charge
  • Lights can withstand weight of vehicles once fitted on a driveway

Solarcentre have a large range of solar lights for sale. If you would like to see the full range please have a look here

Gardenbliss Set of 10 Garden Solar Lights Shaped Like Stakes

These 30cm tall solar lights are the perfect way to light up a pathway, garden border or flower bed. They highlight the area perfectly to light up any landscape area.

Sold by Gardenbliss in sets of 10 you will not be disappointed with these garden lights. They are simple to install by pushing them into the ground. Garden solar lights can be used to great effect to light your way when walking outdoors at night. They give added safety by lighting up areas such as on the edges of patios and driveways. Short staked solar lights are available if you don’t want tall ones.

These garden solar lights have over 500 positive reviews and scores an impressive 4.6 on Amazon

Buy Gardenbliss solar powered garden lights

Key features of these outdoor solar lights

  •  Assembled and installed in less than a minute.
  • Lights up automatically at night and turn off automatically in the morning
  • Lights will remain on for up to eight hours once charged.
  • Fitted with LED bulbs & rechargeable batteries with 20,000 hours life
  • Weatherproof. Designed to withstand rain, snow and sun. 

1 year 100% money back guarantee.

Holan Outdoor Solar Powered Security Lights

The Holan outdoor solar lights are said to be the brightest motion sensor lights on the market. They are made with  30 LEDs, which will light up the darkest of patios.

The Holan lights will shine for 10 seconds at night when movement is detected then turns off automatically. The light has a range of 3 meters or 10 feet. It shines at an angle of 120 degrees. The solar light can be wall or fence mounted with screws and has a tilt angle design. The casing is waterproof and will work well in most kinds of weather.

The Holan outdoor solar light has over 190 reviews and scores a very respectable 4.4 on Amazon

Holan solar power light for sale with discounted price

Wireless & with an easy installation, the Holan solar light looks great when fitted above a door. It lights up to give a good field of downward light even in the darkest of places. You can buy this outdoor solar powered light with big discounts on shop prices.


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