The Best-Selling Water Based Paving Sealers That Are Eco-Friendly

Have a look at the best-selling water based paving sealers you can buy that are Eco-friendly. We have them for sale at the biggest discounted prices. They are safe-to-use paving sealers that can be used to seal many types of new & old paving. They are Eco-friendly because they do not contain harmful solvents or flammable liquids. Just water and the best quality resins. You get maximum protection for your paving without harming the environment.

Eco-friendly water based paving sealers

Reviews of the best-selling water based paving sealers

Water based paving sealers can effectively seal and protect many types of patio and driveway paving. These can be block paving, concrete, stone paving slabs and printed concrete. They also make excellent sealants for indoor kitchen tiles & floor slabs. They are great dustproofers for un-sealed garage floors. When water based paving sealers are applied to the surface they will help stop many contaminates penetrating the surface and help prolong the life of your paving. They work by providing a barrier to stop joint sand loss, oil stains, moss, algae & weed growth, dirt build up and colour loss due to UV sunlight.

 The best selling water based sealers

The products below are all ready to use sealers that can be easily applied with a garden sprayer, roller and tray or brush.

Everbuild 405 Path & Patio Sealer

Everbuild 405 is one of the best-selling water based paving sealers you can buy. This is a solvent-free acrylic based sealer that is used to protect patios and driveway paving.

Buy Everbuild water based acrylic paving sealer
  • Water based formula
  • Slip resistant finish
  • Low sheen look once dry
  • Protects natural stone, concrete and block paving
  • Stops fading from sunlight
  • Stops water penetration
  • Protects against oil, petrol and fungal & moss growth
Buy Everbuild 405 paving sealer for all kinds of pavers & slabs at big discounted prices

Once applied it provides a protective barrier against weeds, sand loss, oil stains, colour loss from uv sunlight which fades your paving. Everbuild 405 water based paving sealer has many satisfied reviews from people who have used this product. The sealer dries to slip-resistant low sheen finish. Free UK Delivery

Everbuild 405 water based sealer has over many reviews and scores 4.5 on Amazon. This is an excellent Eco-friendly sealer for paving either indoors or outdoors.

Resiblock Trade all Purpose paving Sealer

Resiblock are famous for their solvent based paving sealers but here we have Resiblocks water based sealer. It can be applied to indoor and outdoor paving. It is very low odour and can be applied to many kinds of patio and driveway paving.

Water based sealer for stone, concrete & block paving drives & patios
  • Sets joint sand hard
  • Protects stone, clay & concrete
  • Excellent value for money
  • Non-flammable
  • Stops diesel & oil stains
Buy Resiblock trade sealer at big discounted price

These include clay and concrete block paving, natural stone paving slabs and concrete. This is an excellent water based sealer that is sold at a very affordable price. When dry the sealer will give a Matt finish.

Although Resiblock trade water based paving sealer has only one review  on Amazon we thought it was worth a review because it is sold by a world-famous company so you can be sure it is an excellent paving sealer

Smartseal Block Paving Sealer

Smartseal are well known for selling sealants for drives and patios so their water based block paving sealer seems a good choice of product to choose. This is an especially good water based product for both new & old block paving. The product is 100% UV stable so will protect your surface against fading caused by the suns UV rays. It will help prevent oil and BBQ stains as well as stopping moss weeds and algae from growing on the surface or in the joints of the paving.

Buy the best water based block paving sealer made by Smartseal at the best possible price
  • Stops sand loss
  • Protects against contaminates
  • Restricts weed & moss growth
  • No smell or fumes
  • Perfect for concrete pavers
Buy Smartseal water based block paving sealer at big discounted prices

Once dry, Smartseal water based Eco-friendly block paving sealer will set the kiln dried sand between your pavers hard. So there will be no sand loss when it rains. It also helps prevent efflorescence (white powdery staining) when applied to new block paving. The sealant provides a protective film on the surface of your paving that will stop the ingress of water and provide a barrier against de-icing salts in winter. Low satin finish once dry. Free UK Delivery.

Geostones Stone Protector

Geo-fix is a fantastic water based sealer from Sika. It is made by Everbuild so you are buying a product from a well respected building supply company. Dries to an invisible protective barrier.

Stop weed growth, oil stains and chewing gum sticking by applying geo-fix hard surface sealant to indoor & outdoor paving
  • For indoor & outdoor paving
  • Protects stone floor tiles, slates, marble, block paving & more
  • Stops chewing gum from sticking allowing easy removal
  • Contains Fluor-Resin formula
Buy geo-fix sealer for indoor and outdoor tiles and stone slabs at the best discounted prices

Geostones can be applied to a range many different kinds of paving. There are many benefits to applying the Geostones water based sealer to stone, concrete or block paving. The sealer will enhance the colour of your paving, stop moss and weeds. Protect against oil. Provide a stain resistant finish and will set the jointing sand hard so it will not be lost to inclement weather conditions or when cleaning. Dries to a low sheen finish.

The benefits of using water based sealers rather than solvent based paving sealers

  • Low odour.
  • Non-flammable
  • Eco-friendly. Low
  • Contain no harmful solvents
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Can be used on indoor paving
  • Better storage life

 How to Apply a Water based Paving Sealer

  1. Make sure the paving is clean and weed free.
  2. Wait for your paving to be completely dry.
  3. Make sure that it will not rain long enough for sealer to dry.
  4. Remember that water based sealers take longer to dry than solvent based sealers.
  5. Wear suitable shoes & clothing.
  6. Fill any gaps and paving joints with kiln dried sand.
  7. Apply by sprayer or roller following manufacturers coverage rates.
  8. Do not allow the sealer to pool on the surface.
  9. Wash all equipment after use with clean water.
  10. Do not walk on sealed area until dry.
  11. Once dried keep vehicles off for 24 hours.

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