Resiblock oil remover. How to remove oil stains from paving

Oil Remover for Driveway and Patio Paving

Remove oil stains from your paving with Resiblock oil remover. Sold in convenient and easy-to-spray 1 litre bottles or larger 5 litre containers for larger oil stains. Sold with big discounts on prices.

Resiblock oil and grease remover is one of the best-selling oil removers that is used for removing the oil and grease. It can be used on driveway and patio block paving, natural stone, concrete paving slabs or colored printed concrete.

The cleaning solution used commercially by many cleaning professionals to safely and effectively remove unsightly stains from highways and pavements. So you can see why Resiblock oil remover has become such a popular cleaner for removing stains on paving around the home.

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Resiblock oil remover removes oil, petrol, diesel & grease from paving

The product is manufactured by Sika and sold under the Resiblock company name. The oil remover can be safely used for treating oily patches on both domestic and commercial makes and types of paving. The solution once applied to the surface, helps with the removal of engine oil, diesel, petrol drips and stains as well as all other oil based substances.

Quickly remove oil stains from the surface of your paving with this simple-to-use, but very effective oil remover. This is a great product that has been tested against the toughest oil stains. Resiblock oil remover is said to be the number one best-selling oil removing product for sale for safely removing stubborn oil stains. The Resiblock oil and grease remover is able to remove almost all types of oil and grease stains from paving. Including oil stains on stone paving slabs, including Indian slabs, concrete and clay block paving and pattern imprinted concrete.

How to clean oil stains from paving.

Using the Resiblock solution is easy. Simply pour or spray the solution onto the oil stain, scrub vigorously with a brush or broom until the solution is mixed with the oil, then rinse off. You can simply rinse off with cold or warm water or you can rinse of the paving with the use of a pressure washer but set the jet to clean at low pressure. Please follow our step-by-step instructions below on how to use Resiblock oil remover for best results.

Step-by-step instructions to remove oil from paving.

  1. Apply the oil remover to the stain
  2. Scrub the cleaner with a brush or broom to gently foam the stain.
  3. Allow the cleaner to soak for 15 minutes. Do not allow the stained patch to dry out.
  4. Rinse the treated paving area with water. You can use hot or cold water or a pressure washer
  5. Rinse the treated surface until there is no more foam coming out of the treated area.
  6. Allow the treated paving time to dry.
  7. Inspect the cleaned paving for further signs of oil.
  8. In the unlikely event the oil stain is still visible, repeat the application again.
  9. You should now have a perfectly clean paving that is free from oil stains.

Larger tins of Resiblock oil remover can be bought

If you have a large oil stain on your paving you may want to buy larger 5 litre tin of oil remover. The larger tin can be purchased with a screw lid so you can safely re-seal the 5 litre tin. Which makes the product perfect for storage for use at a later date should it be needed. We have 1 and 5 litre tins of Resiblock oil remover for sale with discounted prices to buy from Amazon shop here.

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