Pressure Washer Reviews. Best Pressure Washers for Cleaning Paving

Read our pressure washer reviews before you decide to buy a new pressure washer for cleaning your paving?

We have some great deals and we could save you money. Especially  if you are looking to buy a high quality pressure washer for a very reasonable amount,

Our reviews help you decide which is the best value-for-money with the biggest discounts on prices. These deals are available for pressure washers that are capable of cleaning your patio or driveway paving.

The Best-Selling Electric Pressure Washers

We have provided information on things like engine size, manufactures warranties and guarantees on our pressure washer reviews.  So whatever kind of paving you need to clean, we are sure you will find the best pressure washer for you to buy. We have reviewed the best-selling pressure washers available to buy with some for sale for well under £100.00.

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher pressure washer reviews. What is the number one selling pressure washer made by Karcher

The number one selling pressure washer sold on Amazon is the Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer. This popular electric powered pressure washer is available to buy for under £100.00

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

Buy the best selling Karcher K2 pressure washer at the best price

The K2 is the best-selling Karcher pressure washer. This is a basic model of pressure washing cleaner. There are many extra attachments that can be bought separately if needed. The K2 is a great small compact cleaner for using on patio paving & decking.

Buy the K2 pressure washer from Karcher at big discounted prices

Karcher sells 4 different electric models that you can buy that range in size and power. They are the K2, K4, K5 and the K7 model. All are powered by electricity. Each model has 3 versions available. The Eco, home and premium versions. Each model of Karcher pressure washer has different features and attachments available. Karcher has recently introduced the Full Control range of pressure washers that are sold with a range of useful tools and attachments.

The prices to buy new Karcher pressure washes range from just over £50.00 to well over £6,000 for the commercial hot water, diesel-powered range. With many models of washers in between. You can be confident you will find a Karcher for any cleaning work or budget you have.

To view the full range of prices to buy Karcher pressure washers with reviews please visit here

Bosch Pressure Washer Reviews

Bosch pressure washer reviews. Veiw the best-selling Jet washer from Bosch

The number one best-selling Bosch pressure washer on Amazon is the AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer. This is expected to be Bosch’s biggest selling pressure washer in 2020

Bosch Electric Pressure Washers

Buy the best selling Bosch jet washer at the biggest discounted prices

Bosch are well-known for the tools they manufacture. So it’s not surprising that Bosch have a very popular selling pressure washer range of cleaners for sale. The AQT (Aquatak) range of cleaners are very reasonable priced and ideal for cleaning patios, bikes, cars, windows and much more.

There are many attachments you can buy with the Bosch cleaning range including a pond cleaning attachment. They all have very good water flow rates.

Buy the Bosch cleaner at the biggest discounted price

 There is over 10 different models of Bosch pressure washers you can choose from. Prices to buy Bosch pressure washers range from just over £60.00 to over £800 for the professional GBH 5-75 X.

If you want to view the full price range of Bosch pressure washers with reviews please look at the list here

Nilfisk Pressure Washer Reviews

Nilfisk pressure washer reviews. Why buy a Nilfisk for cleaning your paving?

The number one best-selling Nilfisk pressure washer on Amazon is the Nilfisk C 120 -7 -5 pressure washer.

Nilfisk C120 7-6 Pressure Washer

Nilfisk manufacture 3 ranges of pressure washer that can be used for cleaning paving. Each model is based on the amount of bar pressure produced. The three ranges are, the Compact, the Excellent & the Pro range.

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The Compact range is the cheapest of the models to buy. They give between 100-130 bar of pressure (the C-110, C-120, C-125 & the C-130 models). The Excellent range gives you 130-140 bars of pressure (the D 130, D 140, E 130 & the  E 140 range). The Pro range is the most expensive of the Nilfisk range of pressure washers. It has 150 bar of pressure and is called the Pro 150.

There are many attachments that can be bought for the Nilfisk range of cleaners. These can include brushes for cleaning cars, caravans and fencing. Rotary head cleaners and compact patio cleaners are very popular attachments sold with Nilfisk machines.

Discounted Price to Buy – [amazon_link asins=’B01N34KV8E’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’paving-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’18c33775-3f3a-11e8-b380-d15703866fe3′] Free UK Delivery

The Nilfisk C 120 – 7-5 extra has over 251 reviews and scores an exellent 4.4 on Amazon

Buy the Nilfisk C 120 pressure washer at the best discounted price

 Nilfisk produce a range of over 10 pressure washers that are ideal for home, garden and professional use. They range in price from £70.00  for the popular Compact range to over £400 for the Pro version of the washer.

If you want to check the prices of the many Nilfisk pressure washers with reviews please look at the list here

Makita Pressure Washer Reviews

Makita pressure washer reviews. The best-selling Makita washers for cleaning paving

The number one selling Makita pressure washer on Amazon is the Makita HW101 Compact Pressure Washer.

Makita HW101 Pressure Washer

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  This is looking like it is going to be Makita’s best-selling pressure washer in 2020 for under £100.00.

Makita are well-known for the great range of tools they manufacture for the construction industry. So you can understand them using all their expertise to manufacture an electric pressure washer for cleaning paving among other things. You can buy various extras such as rotary head washers and patio cleaners ans well as extra long hoses.

Discounted Price to Buy – [amazon_link asins=’B001R7LRSY’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’pavingcleanerprice-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4237a5d7-3f40-11e8-80bd-8b173c824367′]

The Makita HW101 Pressure washer has had around 100 reviews and scores 4.5 on Amazon. The Makita HW101 Compact washer is sold with full 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Buy the Makita HW101 pressure washer at a big discounted price

Makita have 7 models in their range of pressure washers. These are the Makita Compact HW101, HW111 and the Compact HW112. Sitting alongside these models is the HW120 which is a hot water pressure washer. They all have a range of between 110 and 120 bars of pressure. For even greater pressure Makita have the HW121, the HW132, and the HW140 which all produce between 130 & 140 bars of pressure.

If you would like to view the full price range and read the reviews of all the Makita pressure washers please have a look here

More Popular Pressure Washer Reviews

There are many manufactures of pressure washers, in fact, too many to review on one page. So some of the other sellers we have not reviewed are listed below.

  • Spear & Jackson. Good buy with 13 reviews and a big score of 4.5 stars on Amazon.
  • Andrew James Immacuclean Pressure Washer. Scores a respectable 4.2 with 19 reviews.
  • Draper pressure washer Reviews. Large range of sizes and models.
  • Wolf Manufacturers of the Max Blast & Sky Blast range of pressure washers.
  • Vax. Make a big range of very reasonably priced electric jet washers & tools.
  • Whale. This electric pressure washer from Whale scores a big 4.4 with over 40 reviews on Amazon.

Other Brands include Silverline, Sealey and many more. You can click on the names and you will be taken to the manufactures page where you can read the latest reviews on their pressure washing products they sell.

Considerations to help you choose a new pressure washer for cleaning your paving

  • Does it need wheels? Makes moving the washer over your paving easier than carrying the washer.
  • Do you want to clean more than just paving? Some have many tools for cleaning cars, windows etc.
  • Is the pressure washer for commercial or domestic use? Consider a petrol version if for commercial cleaning.
  • Storage. Do you have limited storage space? Choose a small compact version if storage is an issue.
  • Consider the available pressure bar. The lower the pressure the less pressure the water is discharged.

Decide which is best for you, petrol or electric pressure washer

One decision you have to make before you decide which pressure washer you are going to buy to clean your paving is do you want to buy an electric or petrol powered jet washer. They both have positives and negatives. Below are a few differences between the two types.

The most popular choice of pressure washer is the electric-powered pressure washer. They simply work by plugging in to your mains electric. You may need to use an extension lead if your paved driveway or garden patio stretches far away from your home. Electric pressure washers are quieter to run than petrol ones. The trade-off is that electric pressure washers are not usually as powerful as a petrol pressure washers. Electric pressure washers are small and compact whereas petrol pressure washers are larger in size.

You may want to consider buying a petrol powered pressure washer If you do have a large paved area such as a driveway or paving patio that is some distance from your home. No electricity cable is needed. Petrol pressure washers usually have more power than electric versions. They can have water fed to the washer by water tank or bowser. This helps if working where there is no water or electricity supply.