Paving Sand with Weed Killer

Block paving joint sand with inbuilt weed killer

Is there such a thing as a block paving sand with inbuilt weed killer? Well yes there is!

Dansand block paving joint sand with inbuilt weed killer. It will not only fill up the joints and gaps of your block paving but will also keep your paving weed & moss free for years.

Plastic garden sprayer for applying weedkiller and paving cleaners

Keeping weeds out of the joints in block paving and paving slabs on your patio or driveway can be a real pain in the neck. Each year you clean your paving to get rid of the weeds and moss and then you have to replace the kiln dried sand between the joints of your paving. Then lo and behold, within a few weeks the joints are full of moss and weeds again. It can sometimes seem like a never ending yearly cycle.

But now there is a solution to this problem! Use Dansand block paving sand with inbuilt weed-killer. This saves you time and money.

How does the joint sand stop weeds from growing?

Block paving sand with inbuilt weed killer is now available to buy to stop moss & weeds growing on your paving
Dansand stops moss & weeds from growing in your block paving joints

The jointing sand works by containing dry sand that is coated in weed killer minerals that have a high PH value. This then helps prevent the regrowth of weeds in block paving joints.

Dansand block paving joint sand is environmentally friendly and completely harmless to humans and pets. The sand is also weather resistant giving your driveway or patio paving many years of weed free maintenance.

This special block paving sand with an inbuilt weed killer is produced and made by Dansand© .

Although the paving sand with weed killer is a little more expensive to buy initially than normal kiln dried sand. Buying the weed killing jointing sand should in the long-term help save you both time and money on maintaining you paving. It saves you money and time by not having to buy expensive weed killers.

How to use Dansand paving joint sand

How to use a dry joint sand with inbuilt weed killer with block paving

Here is a quick guide to using Dansand block paving sand with inbuilt weed killer.

You have two options. The first option is to replace any lost sand as & when needed with Dansand. Simply put, instead of using ordinary kiln dried joint sand next time you just re-sand the joints of your pavers with Dansand.

The second option is to replace the whole joint sand. This is a more labour intensive and costlier option. We have included instructions for replacing your paving sand below.

Installation instructions are provided with every order.

You apply the joint sand in the exact same way that you would apply ordinary kiln dried sand to block paving. The only difference would be that you need to remove slightly more of the old kiln dried sand.

  1. Before you begin you need to kill any weeds growing in your paving joints. This can be done 1 week before you plan to apply the block paving sand with inbuilt weed killer or straight after you have pressure washed your pavers. But this needs to be done to kill existing weeds.
  2. Your block paving will need to be washed. This is best done with a pressure washer because you need to gently remove some of the kiln dried sand between the joints. The best depth is up to 30-40 mm deep to allow for plenty of Dansand.
  3. Allow your paving to dry. This is approximately 24 hours or overnight is the weather is warm. The paving needs to be completely dry to allow the sand to run into the joints of the block paving.  If damp or wet the sand will stick to the surface and the sides of the joints and will not completely fill the gaps .
  4. Then fill up  the joints of the paving using a large soft brush. Fill up the joints then gently sweep the surface to remove the excess but leaving the block paving joints full. As a rough guide, one 20 kg bag of joint sand will cover between 15-25 sq. meters of pavers, but this figure is on approximated.
  5. Try to save any left over sand for future use in areas of paving you may have missed or is lost due to wind and rain.
  6. Finish by lightly dampening the sand with water by misting with a garden sprayer to allow the sand to settle.
  7. That’s it! You should now have block paving with weed free joints.

More information & other Dansand products

There is different sizes of joint sand you can but. From very fine sand up to very course sand for use in permeable & wide joint paving. If you would like more information about Dansand with an inbuilt weed killer or you would like to know more information about kiln dried sand please visit the Amazon shop for a full range of products

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