The best-selling fire pits that will look great on any paving

Fire pits that sit on patio paving or in a garden seem to be one of the big trends in outdoor living for 2018. Everybody loves to sit around the fire. So you can see why they make a great focal point, especially when sitting outside on patio garden furniture. They help create a great atmosphere  Fire pits are a wonderful addition for any outdoor space at any time of day but especially on an evening when sat chatting to friends and family around the flickering light they help create.

Fire pits can compliment any outdoor paving

Review of the best-selling fire pits you can buy

We have reviewed some of the many kinds of fire pits that you can buy in different colours, shapes and sizes. They can be made from cast iron, steel, aluminum or stone. They are the best-sellers in their category that also have the biggest discounts available.

Multi-functional Fire Pits

Multi-functional fire pits can be used for more than just burning wood or charcoal. They can also be used as a BBQ and some can also be used as an ice bucket.

3-in-One Multi-Function Fire Pit, BBQ, & Ice Bucket

One of the best-selling multi-functional fire pits you can buy for your outdoors is sold by RayGar.

This four leg, oblong shaped fire pit not only looks great with its beautiful design of tiles around the outside but it also has the ability to be used for more than just a fire! Besides being an outdoor fire, it can also be used as a BBQ and an ice bucket. Imagine impressing your friends on a hot sunny day with your drinks chilling in ice. Well that’s what you can do with this beautiful looking multi-use fire pit from Raygar.  It is made from strong heat and rust resistant steel.

This square multi-functional fire pit has over 60 reviews & scores a brilliant 4.4 on Amazon

Discounted Price to Buy – Out of stock

Free accessories. When you buy this multi-function fire pit you also receive a waterproof protective cover, fire poker, mesh lid/spark cover and an ice tray all for free.

Key features of the RayGar Multi-function 3 in 1 fire pit

  • Sold with mesh lid to stop flying embers
  • Size: L81cm x W81cm x H44cm
  • Made from strong rust resistant steel
  • Can be used as an ice bucket, BBQ or fire
  • Weight: 12 KG
  • Colour: Black
  • Compliments all paving types

For the full range of multi-function fire pits please visit here

Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are designed to be light in weight that can be easily maneuvered and packed away. They are especially popular for use when camping.

Small & Lightweight Portable Fire Pit with Folding Legs

The best-selling portable fire pit you can buy on Amazon is the La Hacienda fire bowl.

This portable fire pit is great for using when camping, having a picnic on the beach or in any garden patio or landscape setting. This can be used not only for having a fire but can also be used as a BBQ cooking grill. It is very light in weight so can be easily moved from location to location.

The legs of the fire pit can be folded down so transporting in a vehicle is easy because it uses such a small space. The La Hacienda fire bowl is sold with it’s own carry bag so can be conveniently stored or carried around. It can be used for a BBQ grill or a fire.

The La Hacienda fire bowl has over 320 reviews and scores a very impressive 4.8 on Amazon

Discounted Price to Buy – £37.04

Free accessories – This fire bowl is sold with a free chrome BBQ cooking grill, a log grate, a metal tool for raking burnt ashes and a mesh lid to contain the sparks from the flames.

Key features of the La Hacienda portable fire bowl

  • Circular in shape
  • Weight: 5 KG
  • Size: 39 x 39 x 56 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Fold down legs
  • Sold with a carry bag

For a large range of portable fire pits please have a look here

Circular Fire Pits

There are many designs and sizes of circular shaped fire pits you could buy for an outdoor patio or garden. With many varying prices to buy.

Large Circular Designer Fire Pit

We chose to review this circular shaped fire pit from VonHaus because of it’s large beautiful design

This is one of the best-selling large circular fire pits that is also very ornamental in it design. This looks great on any paved area. It is called the Geo fire pit and is sold by VonHaus. It is very large in shape so can accommodate plenty of fuel such as wood or charcoal so will keep burning for a longer period of time. For added safety, it is sold with a mesh guard to stop any flying embers. This bowl shaped fire pit makes a fantastic focal point that will give you and your guests hours of enjoyment that an outdoor fire can give.

This large circular fire pit from VonHaus has over 60 reviews and scores an impressive 4.8 out of 5

Discounted Price to Buy – Out of stock

Free accessories – Sold with a free mesh guard to stop flying sparks and a poker

Key features of the Vonhaus steel fire pit

  • Made from strong, durable steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Sold with a protective mesh spark guard to help reduce spitting from the flames
  • Also includes a heat-resistant poker
  • Size: D66.5 X H64.5cm
  • Weight 9.5kg
  • Includes a manufacturer 2 year warranty

To view the full list of circular fire pits please have a look here

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fired outdoor fire pits allow you to have an outdoor fire without the need to make the fire. They create a clean, instant flame by burning gas. No charcoal or wood required. Just simply switch on and watch these beautiful outdoor fire pits light up at the switch of a button.

Gas Burning Fire Bowl on Slate Column

This gas-fired outdoor fire bowl sits upon a slate effect column and is sold by Callow.

  This is a beautiful example of how well an outdoor fire can look. This clean and elegant slate effect column has a fire bowl sitting on top that will look the part sat on any paved patio or garden.

The realistic slate effect upright column is large enough to conceal a 20 lb propane gas canister inside (gas canister not included). The great thing about a gas fire pit is that there is no need to clean out dirty ash and soot from the fire once cold. Just simply switch on and off at the click of a button.

The flames heat up the lava rocks in the fire bowl to create a stunning fire. The height of the flames can be controlled with a turn of a button giving you a setting of low to high. This fire not only looks great but also creates a warm inviting atmosphere that all your family and friends will simply love. This is a great fire for those who do not want the hassle of having to start a fire, but want the convenience and beauty of an open living flame fire.

This column shaped fire bowl has over 10 reviews and scores a very respectable 4.7 out of 5

Discounted price to buy – Out of stock

Free accessories – This gas powered fire bowl and column is sold with a free PVC vinyl cover. Also includes free lava rocks for the bowl.

Key features of the gas powered fire bowl

  • Size: (L x W x H) 53cm x 53cm x 74cm
  • Real-life slate effect column
  • Burns propane gas from 20lb bottle
  • No need to connect to mains gas
  • No soot or ash
  • Button control from low to high

To view the full range of gas powered fire pits please visit here

Are fire pits safe to use on paving?

We often get asked if it is safe to put a fire pit on your paving. Well the golden rule when placing a fire pit on any patio or landscape paving is first to ensure that the surface is level and secondly that the paving is not combustible. That is, your paving will not set fire should any hot embers or sparks fall onto the paving.

So If you have a solid surface such as concrete, clay, stone or gravel then a fire pit will be fine on this kind of paving. If you have wooden decking then you should not place a fire pit onto this surface. You could place paving slabs onto the surface of your wooden decking then put the fire pit onto the paving slabs but if you do this you should never leave the fire unattended.

If you do spill ash onto your paving rinse the ash away once the fire has cooled to help prevent the soot and ash from staining your surface. You may want to consider applying a sealer to your paving to stop the ash from staining and soaking the paving especially if you have an absorbent paving surface. If you do get your paving dirty you should try to wash your paving with soapy water once your fire has cooled down.

Fire pits can burn more than just logs!

Fire pits can burn wood such as logs or fallen branches, charcoal or even be used to burn gas. They can be used with good effect in autumn for burning fallen leaves around the garden. Fire pits can make a great place to burn sensitive documents such as bank statements and bills if you don’t have a shredder.

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