6 Ways to Remove Weeds and Moss From Paving

Take a look at 6 different ways to remove weeds and moss from paving slabs and block paving. This also includes measures you can take to make sure the weeds don’t come back once they have been removed.

6 Ways you can remove weeds and moss from paving

Weeds growing on your stone slabs or paving blocks are unsightly and can do long-term damage by lifting or expanding the gaps in your paving joints. This can eventually lead to your paving sinking and becoming unsightly.

You can remove weeds and moss from paving after they have grown. But it’s always best to take preventative measures to stop the weeds and moss growing in the first place.

Remove Weeds and Moss From Paving With These Methods

We take a look at 6 different ways you can use to completely remove moss and weeds from your paving. You can adopt any of the measures below to remove your weeds and moss or a combination of methods to ensure you have total weed free paving.

Liquid Weed killer

There are many brands and makes of liquid weedkiller that you can buy to kill weeds and moss. Manufactures of weed killers include brands such as Deadfast, Roundup, Pathclear. Some weed killers can be Eco-friendly such as Algon which specialize in killing algae & black spot leaving other plants unharmed. Whilst others will kill every kind of vegetation that they come into contact with.

One of the strongest weedkillers you can buy is made by Gallup. 2 litres will treat over 3000 sq. meters. It contains glyphosate so is not the most environmentally friendly of weedkillers but certainly is one of the best.

Buy gallup glyphosate weed killer for treating weeds and moss on driveways and patios

If you do purchase a weed killer for killing weeds on a driveway or patio you should always apply according to the manufacturers instructions. Some weed killers will need diluting with water whilst others are supplied ready-to-apply and do not need diluting before applying to your weeds.

If you want a very cheap way to remove and kill weeds from natural stone paving slabs you may want to consider using a bleach to keep your paving clean. Although this method is not the most environmentally-friendly way to kill greenery.

To get the best results, always apply weed killers to the weeds and moss when they are actively growing.  This is because the leaves will absorb the weed killer through the green leafy parts when growing. The leaves transfer the weed-killer to the root of the plant. This ensures that the whole weed is killed and not just the leaves of the weed.

Burn Weeds Away With Gas Weed Wand

One easy way to remove weeds and moss from paving is using a hand-held gas blow torch to burn away the greenery. The tool is called a butane weed wand. This is a good way to kill the weeds you want especially between the joints of paving slabs and block paving. There is no crouching down to remove the weeds. The long handled wand allows you to operate the burner whilst stood up.

This is a very popular method of killing weeds and moss if you don’t want to use liquid chemicals.

With almost 900 reviews this gas weed wand has a feedback score of 4 on Amazon.

Buy a long handle gas weeding tool for burning away moss and weeds from the surface of paving.

Using a gas-powered weed burner is safer than using chemicals. Once you have burnt the weeds they die within 1-2 days. Children and pets can be allowed onto the paving immediately after using the torch. An added benefit is you can also use the blow torch to de-ice any frozen paving during the winter months.

The gas canister simply screws onto the hand-held lance and the flame is lit. Being long-handled allows you to stand whist you burn away the weeds. You can buy a range of gas blowtorch for killing weeds at discounted prices from Amazon garden section.

Weed removal tool

Using a hand-held weed removal tool makes it much easier to remove weeds from paving than using your hands alone.

Weed removal tool sold on the paving website

These tools are a great way to remove weeds and moss in cracks and joints of recessed paving such as block paving

You can watch a video and find more information on how easy it is to use. Our review of the weed removal tool here

This is one of out top recommendations on our guide to 6 ways you can remove moss and weeds from paving.

Using a metal paving scraping tool is a great way or removing weeds if you want to use a completely environmentally way of removing weeds.

They are very effective when used for scraping and digging difficult weeds out of paving joints and gaps. A telescopic, long handled version of the weed removing tool is available to buy to allow you to remove the weeds whilst you are standing.

Electric weeding machine

At first thought it seems a novel idea to use an electric weeding machine to remove moss and weeds from paving. But for those who find it difficult to bend down an electric weeding machine could help when removing weeds and moss from paving.

The light, hand-held electric machine has a rotating wire brush that sweeps the moss & weeds away. Replacement circular brush heads are readily available to buy.

Buy an electric powered wire brush weed remover

There are a few different versions of this tool available to buy with some of the good ones made by companies such as Garden Gear & Einhell. You can also buy corded and cordless versions. The electric weed sweeper is a great gardening tool for removing moss and weeds from the joints of paving bricks in a fast and efficient way. The rotating wire brush is simply pushed along the joints of the paving.

Remove weeds from paving by hand

You could remove weeds from your block paving by hand

Using your hands to remove weeds is probably the most Eco-friendly way of removing weeds and moss from paving.

Although removing weeds by hand can be very time-consuming and usually involves a bad back after a number of hours spent on your knees pulling up weeds with your hands. Quite often you will only remove part of the weeds by hand and will find that the smaller weeds can be difficult if not impossible to remove by hand

You will be lucky if you manage to completely remove all trace of moss or weeds without leaving some greenery behind. It’s all dependent on how infested your paving is.

Using a jet washer to remove weeds from paving

Pressure washing block paving to remove weeds

Using a pressure washer to remove weeds is not a recommended method of consistently removing weeds from paving. This is because of the damage that can be caused long-term with the use of a pressure washer.

If you do want to keep using a pressure washer to clean and remove weeds from your paving then why not consider applying a paving sealer after you next clean your paving! A sealer will set your joint sand hard so should help stop the damage done if a pressure washer is constantly used to remove the weeds.

By using a jet washer you could cause the underlying sand structure of materials like block paving to be seriously eroded. This leads to water ingress and loss of substrate strength and ultimately sinking of the paving.

Although using a jet washer and especially using a rotary head pressure washer is a popular and very effective way to quickly remove moss and weeds from the joints of paving.

You can read our reviews on pressure washers you can buy here

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Do you know of any other ways to remove weeds and moss from paving?

What do you think? Do you have a way of removing weeds we haven’t mentioned above? Or do you have any tips you would like to share with our readers? Please comment below,  we would love to hear your tips on removing weeds from paving.

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